Bihar annual production of 50 lac MT of paddy offers good apportunity for power generation

Nearly 50 lac MT of paddy is produced annually in Bihar spread over  an area of around 40 lac Ha. Bihar is known for  some famous fine varieties rice including Katarani rice, renownedfor its special aroma, produced in Bhagalpur- Munger region. Patna rice isanother fine variety of the State. Districts like Rohtas, Kaimur, Aurangabad,Bhojpur and Buxar in south-west region,  are known as the  “rice bowl “ofthe State. ‘Sona Chood’ of Bhojpur region is yet another  scented variety.These districts account for more than 30% of rice production and have athriving rice milling cluster.Bihar  is also one of the largest markets for  milled rice.  In fact,  installed capacity of rice milling is not enoughto meet the existing demand and existing mills also require expansion and modernization. Thus, there is a largescope for setting up new and modern rice mills in the State which can make variety of rice products. There arealso significant opportunities in utilization of by products for making  starch, bran oil etc. for .Finally, the large paddy production also offers opportunities for setting up husk based power generation in theState.  The present productivity level at  around 15 Quintal/Hectare is  expected to increase to around 25 by2011-12  Qtl/Ha bringing in further opportunities for potential entrepreneurs.

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  • Husk based power projects are not a solution to chronic power shortage in bihar. if we want to initiate an industrial growth in state, mass production of electricity is required. which again not possible by seasonal husk (also air pollutent).these bran should be best for animal fodder,organic fertilisers etc hence help in agri sector.
    So look towards hydel, solar pv and other renewable resources. think large….. jai hind