Bihar SIPB has approved proposals worth over Rs 1.99 lakh crore

Bihar State Industry Minister Renu Kumari  has said that Bihar State Industrial Promotion Board (SIPB) had approved proposals worth over Rs 1.99 lakh crore in various sectors, including energy and ethanol. Making her statement after a debate on the budgetary grants of her department in the House, Kumari said the SIPB had sanctioned 446 projects with investment proposals worth Rs 1.99 lakh crore since 2006. Out of the 446 projects, 146 had already been implemented and 52 projects in the food processing sector was being executed with the state government giving subsidy and 83 were in the pipelines

  • Rajesh

    This is truely phenomenal! Under the able leadership of Nitish Kumar, Bihar is definitely moving in the right direction. Its just a matter of time now before we catch up with other states.

    It’s been more than 10 years that I have been to Bihar and my native place in Darbhanga. But the news of development and positive approach of the government have inspired a new hope. I soon plan to visit my native place. I am excited!

  • Biharprabha Admin

    Helo Rajesh

    We too are excited and thats why we have hosted this website for the people of Bihar. We are trying to upload as much informations as possible and provide all available data to investors to set up industries/participate in developing infrastructure in the state.


  • Mithlesh

    really great

    • Biharprabha Admin

      Mithlesh Jee

      Thanks for appreciation. This site is dedicated
      to the people of Bihar in the memory of Dr Prabha
      who has inspired us to build this site

  • abhishek

    sir as you have posted Bihar SIPB has approved proposals worth over Rs 1.99 lakh crore. plz let us know what are the industries coming up with the address & ph no..
    plz if possible mail us at & in case there is any charge for the data plz inform.

  • Amit Kumar Singh

    Dear Bihar Prabha Administrative team ,

    you all are doing good job , one suggestion which i have that you must try with the companies who are coming to invest that they will hire Bihari people who are working outside Bihar that will help organization and people of Bihar both.


    • Biharprabha Admin

      helo Amit
      Thanks for suggestion. We have stared a new site – Association for Human Resource Development for undertaking such activities & we are providing link at biharprabha. U may go through itand we will be happy to get u suggestions/comments & u help


  • jitendra kumar

    Thanks for suggestion, we have allready doing job in bangalore . so, i want know about Bihar industries development.
    where places estabilsh in so many company in Bihar.
    pls give the details in MNC company,