Published On: Sat, Oct 29th, 2011

Definition of Electrified Village

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 Prior to October 1997

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 A Village should be classified as electrified if electricity is being used within its revenue area for any purpose whatsoever.

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 After October 1997

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 A village will be deemed to be electrified if the electricity is used in the inhabited locality, within the revenue boundary of the village for any purpose whatsoever.

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 New definition of village electrification came into effect from the year 2004-05

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 (Issued by MOP, vide their letter No. 42/1/2001-D(RE) dated 5th February 2004 and its corrigendum vide letter no. 42/1/2001-D(RE) dated 17th February 2004.)

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As per the new definition, a village would be declared as electrified, if :

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1)  Basic infrastructure such as Distribution Transformer and Distribution lines are provided in the inhabited locality as well as the Dalit Basti hamlet where it exists.

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2)  Electricity is provided to public places like Schools,Panchayat Office,Health Centers,Dispensaries,Community centers etc.

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3)  The number of households electrified should be at least 10% of the total number of households in the village.


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