Development Strategy of Bihar

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  • i would like to request to the Bihar government to established visa stamping offices,offices for foreign recruitment (as like in mumbai)and send as much labour and officials to gulf region. Because with the help of NRI,S how kerla and other developed states are growing. because bihar has 58% of people of below 25 years old.and if gov send them to abroad for work there are many benefits.
    1.every family will be financially independent on themselves so our economy will grow very fast.
    2. You can see when anyone come abroad then there first thinking is to educate the family member so education rate will increase very quick.
    3.Anyone who comes to abroad they need to live here for 2 years then they can go on leave so our fertility rate will decrease very quick.
    4. If u r finacially independent then banking sectors will have a boom and they will establish small industry also.
    So all in all when u send as much as labour to abroad Bihar will be finacially independent state , with better education rate and with lower firtility rate..