Different Investment Proposals Approved by Govt. of Bihar

Report-3 Proposals Approved by State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB)Sl. No. Name of the Company Proposal Investment (In Crores Rs.)Direct Employ -ment SIPB Approval date CM/ Cabinet approval date 1 M/S Netarhat Alumni Educational Trust (Vidya Vihar Educational Trust), Purnea. Proposal for Establishment of Engineering College in Purnea 6.74  27.2.06 13.06.06 2 M/S Indian Tractors & Components Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. (Canceling the earlier name M/S International Tractors Ltd., new name as M/S Indian Tractors & Components Pvt. Ltd. has been approved)   Proposal for production of Tractors and Commercial Vehicle at Industrial Area, Fatuha   150.00   27-2-06 29.09.08 29.09.07 27.01.09 3 M/s Oil Tech Pvt. Ltd., Prakash Chandra Rastogi, C-110/7, I.I.T., Kanpur, U.P. Establishment of Solvent Extraction Plant at Kaimur District   59.75 150 20-3-06  4 M/s Universal Empire Group, C-04/23, First Floor, Safdar Ganj Development Area, Haujkhas, New Delhi. Establishment of Medical College at Bettiah District    20-3-06  5 M/s Gangotri Iron & Steel Co Ltd., Exhibition Road, Patna.               Fax: 0612-2685959   Phone: 2665456          E-mail: gcplpat@sancharnet.in   Proposal for capacity expansion of the Unit and TMT and M.S. Twisted Bars production  33.8  29-3-06 22.10.06 6 M/s Century Ply Wood Ltd., Kolkata.Cement Manufacturing Company Ltd.,   Sajjan Bhajanka, Chairman, 281 Deepali Pitampura, New Delhi-110034 Proposal for establishment of  one Million Ton/Year Cement Grinding Plant at Kahalgaon 119.00 300 17-4-06 08.09.06 Report-3 27 M/s Hai Medicare & Research Institute Pvt.Ltd.,Patna. Establishment of Minority Medical College at Rajabazar,Patna. 8.00    2-5-06 8 Dr. Ashok Kumar ,Medical World 4U Ltd., Sussex. U.K Establishment of Medical College and Super Specialty Hospital at Patna. 148.87  2-5-06 08.09.06 9 M/s Adarsh Divya Vikash Hospital and Research Centre, Patna. Establishment of Multipurpose Medical facilities and Research Centre in Hajipur. 275.00 622 2.5.06  10 Sri Vinod Kumar Chaudhry ,M/s Ambedkar Medical &Technical Educational Development Trust, Lohiya Nagar , Patna. Establishment of Medical and Dental College at Arrah (Bhojpur) 35.076  2-5-06 31.07.06 11 Dr. Rajeshwar Thakur , Patna. (i) Proposal for Multi Super Specialty Hospital in the Jay Prabha Hospital Complex K.Bagh, Patna.                (ii) Establishment of Medical College (with training) of National repute. 500.00 300.00  2-5-06  12 M/s Indo-American Medical Foundation ,USA , Dr. Purshottam Madhu. Establishment of Hospital and Medical College within 30 KMs of Patna. 100.00  2-5-06  13 M/s Medi Contrivers India (P) Ltd.,Jogeshwari, Mumbai. Establishment of Medical College and modernization of MJK Hospital,Bettiah(W.Champara).  700 2-5-06  14 M/s Rajshree Sugars and Chemicals Ltd., Coimbatore. Establishment of 5000 TCD Sugar Mill, 30 MW Cogeneration Plant and 60 KLPD Distillery Plant at Marukia, Madhubani. 238.50 1500 22-5-06 11.07.06 15 M/s Raj Laxmi Udyog,  C/O Jain Paper Agency , Rajan Complex, Naya Tola , Patna. Off-Set Paper Printing and Paper Conversion  (Place has been changed form Hajipur Industrial Area to Industrial Area Fatuha in SIPB meeting on 19.05.08) 1.645 70 19-6-06 19.05.08 25.07.08 16 M/s Jesuit Society Provincial Residence, Patna. Rural Management and Allied Institute(Near Balmi Complex)   10-7-06  Report-3 317 M/s Dhauladhar  Impex Pvt.Ltd.,       F-1,Gorakh Nath Complex, East Boring Road, Patna. Establishment of Sugar Mill 3500 TCD and 50 KLPD Distillery Plant at Bettiah.   10-7-06  18 M/s Brahmaputra Consortium Ltd., New Delhi , Private Industrial Park,Bihta. 200.00  10-7-06  19 M/s Indian Gasohol Ltd.,Tamilnadu. Proposal for setting up of  Three Maize Processing Clusters each with four independent units to process 1,50,000 Tons per year of Maize by each unit and 6,00,000 Tons per year of each Cluster.  First Cluster will be established at Kahalgaon and following product will be manufactured by each maize processing Cluster:-                        Quantity/year                             MTS 1.Ethanol-            ] 2.Pharmaceutical ]   Alcohol                ] 3. Perfumery          ] 160000      Alcohol              ] 4.Extra Neutral      ]  Alcohol                 ] 5.Maize Edible Oil- 17820 6.Co2 Cartridges-600 Cr. pieces 7.Fusel Oil-                 4000 8-Poultry & Cattle Feed- 390000 9.Oxypen-       50 Cr. pieces 10.Gono-        50 Cr. pieces 11.Power-          200 MW 12.Furfuryl Alcohol-    9000 13.Furfural-            9900 14.Acitic Acid-         3340 15.Formic Acid-       1200 16Sugarcane Top Silage-  10000 17 Co2 liquefied-                10000 18.Dry Ice-                          10000 7200.00 5000 11.07.08  20 M/s Indian Glycols Ltd.,C-124, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi. 10000TCD-Sugar Mill and 96000 KL /A Distillery and 20 MW- Co-generation Plant at Rasulpur, Ekma, Saran. 550.00 317 10-7-06 17.08.06 21 M/s Suncancer Hospital and Research Institute,Patna. Establishment of Cancer Hospital and Research Institute    10-7-06  Report-3 422 M/s Lord Buddha Shiksha Prathisthan, Saharsa. Medical College Hospital 100.00  24-7-06  23 M/s Rajshree Sugars and Chemicals Ltd., Coimbatore. Establishment of 5000 TCD Sugar Mill, 60 KLPD Distillery and 30 M.W Cogeneration Plant in Muzaffarpur Distt. 242.50 500 24-7-06 10.08.06 24 M/s Dhampur Sugar Mills , 221 Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase-III, New Delhi. 5000 TCD Sugar Mill,60KLPD Distillery and 30M.W Co-generation Plant at Udakishunganj, Madhepura 185.00 500 24-7-06 10.8.06 25 M/s Jay Mangla Sugar & Power Pvt. Ltd., B-41,Jagat Amrawati Apartment, Bailey Road, Patna. 5000 TCD Sugar Mill, 60 KLPD Distillery and 28 M.W Co-generation at Bahadurpur, Begusarai 196.59 200 24-7-06 10.08.06 26 M/s Telecomand  Software Pvt. Ltd.,Katihar 3/4 Years Course on Computer Science    1-8-06  27 M/s Bharat Sugar Mills, Singhwalia, Gopalganj.  Expansion of Sugar Mill from 2500 TCD to 5000 TCD and 15 M.W Cogeneration Plant  137.00  1-8-06 15.09.06 28 M/S Ramco Industries Ltd, Chennai (Canceling the earlierapproval given by SIPB in its meeting held on 16.12.08 on the proposal for establishment of Asbestos Cement Sheet Plant,  Water Storage Plant and Cement Grinding Plant ; approval for establishment of 1,20,000 MT/Annum Capacity of Asbestos Cement Sheet Plant and 2 Lakh MT/Annum Capacity of Cement Grinding Plant at Industrial Area, Bihiya, Bhojpur has been given by SIPB in its meeting held on 23.11.09) Proposal for establishment of 1,20,000 MT/Annum Capacity of Asbestos Cement Sheet Plant and 2 Lakh MT/Annum Capacity of Cement Grinding Plant at Industrial Area, Bihiya, Bhojpur.60.20  200 23.11.09 16.12.08 29 M/S S.B. Sugar Ltd., Kolkata. Establishment of 2500 TCD (Expandable up to 5000 TCD) Sugar Mill, 30 KLPD Alcohol Plant & 8 M.W. Cogeneration Plant at Asthawan, Nalanda. 122.40 370 1-8-06 28-05-07 30.08.06 Report-3 530 M/S Kamlapur Sugar & Industries Ltd., Kolkata.  8000 TCD Sugar Mill, 120 KLPD Distillery Plant & 26 M.W. Power Plant at Vill- Barhan- BenusarBormamukund Block,Dist. Siwan. 487.80  450  7-8-06 17.10.06 31 M/S Kamlapur Sugar & Industries Ltd., Kolkata. 8000 TCD Sugar Mill, 120 KLPD Distillery Plant & 26 M.W. Power Plant at VillEraji, Orhara-Dhoni, BlockRajaun,Dist.-Banka. 487.80 450 7-8-06 17.10.06 32 M/S Vikash Metal & Power Ltd., Kolkata.  Integrated Steel Plant at Begusarai. Sponge Iron -6.5 Lacs TPA, M.S. Billet- 8Lacs TPA, Blast furnace- 2.5 Lacs TPA, Captive Power Plant- 100 MW  850.00 3100 7-8-06 24.03.07 33 M/S Shakti Sudha Industries, Boring Road,Patna. Establishment of Makhana Processing Unit & with Backward/ Forward linkage  70.00  14-8-06  34 M/S Balmukund Lease -Fin(P) Ltd., Exhibition Road, Patna.  5000 TCD Sugar Mill 60 KLPD Alcohol Plant & 26 M.W. Power Plant at Nariar, Baruraj, Muzaffarpur. 202.65  1500  14-8-06  10.10.06 35 M/S Riga Sugar Co. Ltd.,Netajee Subash Road, 2nd Floor, Kolkata. (Consent has been given on proposal of extension of period till 31.03.2011 for capacity expansion of  existing Sugar Mill to 5000 TCD in SIPB meeting held on 25.02.11)Expansion of Sugar Mill from 3500 TCD to 5000 TCD, 7.7 Megawatt Cogeneration Plant and 50 KLPD Distillery at Sitamadhi 37.98 739 14-8-06 25.02.11 07.11.06 36 M/S Harinagar Sugar Mills Ltd. West Champaran. Capacity expansion of Sugar Mill from 8500 TCD to 10000 TCD  39.96 2112 14-8-06 07.09.06 37 M/S New Swadeshi Sugar Mills, Narkatiaganj (Proposal for capacity expansion of Distillery Plant in two phases form 30 KLPD to 60 KLPD and 60 KLPD to 100 KLPD has been approved in SIPB Meeting on 18.05.09) Capacity expansion of Sugar Mill from 5000 TCD to 7500 TCD, capacity expansion of Distillery Plant  from 30 KLPD to 60 KLPD and 60 KLPD to 100 KLPD(in two phases) and  5 M.W. Co-generation Plant. 107.40  728  21-8-06 18.05.09 30.11.06 Report-3 638 M/s Patna Notre Dame Sister’s Society, Patliputra, Patna. Establishment of Media arts and Communication. 3.32  21-8-06  39 M/S Ambuja Cements Ltd. at P.O- Ambuja Nagar, Taluka- Kodinar, Dist.- Junagadh,      Gujarat-362715 Establishment of Cement  Grinding Plant of 1.5 Million Ton  Capacity and 15 MW Co-generation Plant at Barh 380.00 150 21-8-06 19.02.07 22.05.07 11.09.07 40 M/s Balmukund Concast Ltd., Patna. Capacity expansion of MS Rod and Steel Production from 28350 MTA to 52350 MTA in the Bihta (Mahadeopur,Fulari)Unit. 13.96 175 06-9-06 22.10.06 41 M/s Harinagar Sugar Mills Ltd., Harinagar, W. Champaran. (Proposal has been rectified from 45 KLPD Distillery Plant to Distillery Plant for production of 45 KLPD Ethanol/50 KLPD Total Spirit) Establishment of Distillery Plant for production of 45 KLPD Ethanol/50 KLPD Total Spirit. 45.00 89 06-9-06 29.09.08 22.10.06 42 M/s Ganga Bangali Jute Twine Mills, Begusarai. Establishment of 5840 MT/Annum Capacity of Jute Yarn. 8.83  600  06-9-06  23.02.08 43 M/s Bihariji Flour Mills (P) Ltd., Patna City. Establishment of  1500 Tons/Month Parle-G Biscuit in collaboration with Parle Biscuit (P) Ltd. at Hajipur Industrial Area. 8.55 208 06-9-06 22.10.06 44 M/s Bihar Cooperative Sugar Mill Federation Ltd., Patna. 5000TCD Sugar Mill, 30 KL Ethyl Alcohol Plant, 28 MW Co-generation Plant  at  Supaul. 180.00 846 20-9-06 08.11.06 45 M/s International Amusement Ltd., (APPU Ghar), New Delhi. Development of Mega Tourism City at LTC Ghat, Patna. 1321.79 600 20-9-06  46 M/s Vishnu Sugar Mills Ltd., Gopalganj. Capacity expansion of Sugar Mill from 5000 TCD to 7500 TCD. 41.00  26-9-06 02.12.06 47 M/s Protech Feed Pvt. Ltd.)., Hajipur. (Name has been changed from M/S 26-9-06  06.01.07 Report-3 7Protech Bio-System to M/S Protech Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.) (Company’s proposal approved by SIPB on 02.01.08 for production of LVP in the name of M/S Protech Biosciences Pvt. Ltd has been amended and consent has been given for establishment of 48,000 MT per year capacity Cattle and Poultry Feed unit at E.P.I.P, Hajipur in the name of M/S Protech Feed Pvt. Ltd.) Establishment of 48,000 MT per year capacity Cattle and Poultry Feed unit at E.P.I.P, Hajipur 14.70  60 02.01.08 27.08.10 48 M/s Sharma Group of Industries, Aurangabad, Maharastra. Establishment of RPVCpipes, SWR pipes & fittings 7.50  9.10.06  (Consent in principle) 49 M/s Dhanuka Pesticides Ltd. , New Delhi. Establishment of Agri Malls and Multiplex Complex.   9.10.06  (Consent in principle) 50 M/s M.P. Chini Industries Ltd. , Majahaulia, West Champaran. (Consent has been given for proposal of extension of period till 31.12.2011 for 2nd phase capacity expansion of Sugar Mill from 4300 TCD to 5000 TCD in SIPB meeting held on 08.03.10) Capacity expansion of Sugar Mill from 3500TCD to 5000 TCD. 24.35 565 9.10.06 08.03.10 15.12.06 51 M/S Hasanpur Sugar Mills, Hasanpur Road, Samastipur.        Expansion of Sugar Mill       First phase – 1750 TCD to 3000 TCD.(InvestmentRs99.094 Crores) Second phase- 3000 TCD to 5000 TCD.(InvestmentRs 50.956 Crores) 150.050 532 23.10.06 05.01.07 52 M/S Jagat Developers Ltd., ‘Ujwal’, 2nd Floor, Bailey Road, Opposite Patna Museum  Establishment of Super Specialty Hospital in Bailey Road ,Patna.  45.00 700 23.10.06 (Consent in principle with condition)53 M/S Poorvanchal Urja Pvt. Ltd.,  R.Z.-1/57, Tuglakabad Extension,             New Delhi-110019,  Establishment of  1 MW Renewable Energy Power Plant (Biomass Based Power Plant in Buxar Industrial Area)  4.00 22 23.10.06 (Consent in principle with condition)Report-3 854 M/S Indian Gasohol Ltd., Erode, Tamilnadu Proposal for establishment of  ten units of 100% export oriented Ethanol Plant of total Capacity 5.4 million tons from sugarcane juice  at   1. Nawanagar(Buxar) 2. Bikaramganj(Rohtas) 3. Between Gaya and Aurangabad(Aurangabad) 4. Between Gaya and Nawada(Gaya) 5. Jamui 6.Lakhisarai/Monghyer 7. Between Bhagalpur and Kahalgaon(Bhagalpur) 8. Araria/Kishanganj 9. Katihar/Purnea  and  10. Nalanda 13557.00 50000 06.11.06 05.01.07 55 M/s Riga Sugar Co. Ltd., Kolkata.                   E-mail: dhanukas @cal2.vsnl.net.in2500 TCD to 5000  TCD Expandable (within three years) Sugar Mill and   15 Megawatts Co-generation Plant at Nayagaon, Darbhanga  161.46 400 06.09.06 06.11.06  09.01.07 56 M/S G.M.R. Industries Ltd., Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.           Pin-500016  Proposal for establishment of 2500 TCD sugar mill(Expandable up to 10000 TCD),18 Megawatt Co-generation Plant and 45 KLPD Distillery Plant at Samastipur  220.00 340 13.11.06  57 M/S Vishnu Sugar Mills Ltd., Gopalganj. Proposal for establishment of  45 KLPD Distillery Plant  and 15 MW Co-generation Plant  in factory situated at Gopalganj 94.06 400 13.11.06 26.12.06 58 M/S Dhanuka Pesticides Limited, New Delhi. Establishment of Fruit and Vegetable Centre and Packaging Centre on Hajipur-Muzaffarpur High-way   27.11.06  59 M/S J.H.V Distilleries & Sugar Mills Limited, Marhowrah, Saran(Chapra) Establishment of 6000 TCD Sugar Mill ,                            25 MW  Co-generation Plant at Marhowrah, Dist.-  Saran (Chapra)  172.54 450 04.12.06 06.02.07 Report-3 960 M/S Suprabhatam Sugar Industries Pvt. Ltd., 104-22 Gaurav Tower, P.V.R. Sonia Complex, Vikash Puri, New Delhi. Establishment of 5000 TCD Sugar Mill, 30 KLPD Ethanol Plant   and 8 MW      Co-generation Plant at      Vill.-Kopa Kola, Danapur, Patna. 230.00 210 04.12.06 18.01.07 61 M/S P & M Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., 47/B ,                  Shri Krishna Puri, Patna.  Establishment of 3500 TCD Sugar Mill and 12 MW Cogeneration Plant at            Vill.- Sitanabad,              Block- Simri Bakhtiyarpur, Dist.- Saharsa. 108.68 200 04.12.06 06.02.07 62 M/S Dhanuka Pesticides Limited, New Delhi.  E-mail: dhanuka@bol.net.in Website:www.dhanuka.comSetting up of a Fully Integrated Fruit and Vegetable Processing Complex at Hajipur in two phases 55.00 200 20.12.06  63 M/S Signet Hotels Consortium, 15 B, Zaver Mahal, 66, Marine Drive, Mumbai-400020            E-mail: yadava@ aol.com; ckp@umich.edu    Establishment of world class standard hotels at Patna, Rajgir and BodhGaya. 90.00 450 20.12.06  64 M/S  Winsome International Ltd., Unit:-Rameshwara Jute Mills, 301,Viashno Chambers(3rd.Floor) 6,Brabourne Road, Kolkata-1 Proposal for establishment of new Jute Mill of 100 MT/day at Purnea/Kishanganj in Bihar 61.00     3121 15.01.07 (Consent in principle)65 M/S Braj Industries Pvt. Ltd.,               P.O- Sadanandpur,    Dist.- Begusarai-851211 Proposal for manufacturing of  190 Kilo Litter per Day Ethanol from Sugarcane Juice at Purnea   82.00        120 15.01.07  66 M/S Braj Industries Pvt. Ltd.,      P.O- Sadanandpur,    Dist.- Begusarai-851211 Proposal for manufacturing of  190 Kilo Litter per Day Ethanol from Sugarcane Juice at SahpurKamal(Dist.-Begusarai) 82.00        120 15.01.07 21.05.07 67 M/S Patwari Steels Pvt. Ltd. ,                       6-M, Rajendra Nagar, Patna-16,                      Proposal for expansion of production capacity of Steel Ingot, M.S. Bar and Rod and production of Cast Grinding Media Ball. 5.08       15.01.07 Proposal noted Report-3 1068 M/S Rego Chemicals (P) Limited, 187, Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata-700007 Proposal for establishment of new Jute Mill of 30 T.P.D. with 2.5 MW Captive Power Plant at Samastipur 29.65 1250 01.02.07 (Consent in principle)21.05.07 69 M/S Madina Educational Welfare Trust,  Swarnim, East Boring Canal Road, Patna. Establishment of Engineering College at Darbhanga(Simri, P.O.-Birdipur, Dist.-Darbhanga) 12.50 57 01.02.07 (Consent in principle)10.05.08 70 M/s Association of Management  Studies,  17,  Mall Road , Meerut Cant(U.P). Establishment of Engineering/ Management/ Medical College at Chapra and Patna. 17.50   – 01.02.07 (Consent in principle)71 M/S Rakesh Eatables and General Products Pvt. Ltd., B-4, Industrial Area, Hajipur, Vaishali,-844101 (Canceling earlier name of the company  M/S Rakesh Masala Pvt. Ltd, the new name as ” M/S Rakesh Eatables and General Products Pvt. Ltd.” has been approved in SIPB meeting on 14.08.08″) Setting up a Food Processing Unit  at Hajipur Industrial Area/Export Zone  1.37 16 19.02.07 (Consent in principle) 14.08.0872 M/S Siddivinayak Trust for Nature, Education and Health,  101, Shanti Kunj Apartment, T.N. Benerjee Road, Chhajjubagh, Patna-1. E-mail: lallsanjeev @yahoo.com Setting up of Dental College and Hospital at Patna 15.10     19.02.07 (Consent in principle)73 M/S Classicon Ventures Limited,          Pro.-Sri Deepak Kumar Sinha/ Sri Rajiv Ranjan, 190/A , Boring Road, Patna,      Email:- sksinha_ritco @yahoo.co.in                Establishment of 500 TCD Sugar Mill with Cogeneration Power Plant at Kaabh/Ayan Khan, Dist.-Patna. 13.266      132 26.02.07 (Consent in principle) 21.05.07 Report-3 1174 M/S JAS INFRASTRUCTURE CAPITAL  PVT. LTD., Mahabir Tower, Main Road, Ranchi Establishment of 2640 MW coal based Thermal Power Plant in two phases (each phase 2×660 MW) at Banka. (Proposal for 2640 MW Thermal Power Plant in place of 1215(9x135MW) MW Thermal Power Plant) 11120.00  5000 12.03.07 (Consent in principle) 12.04.07 11.07.08 11.03.08 75 M/S Vikash Metal & Power Ltd., Kolkata Establishment of 2×250 MW Power Plant at Begusarai 1350.00 1000 12.03.07 (Consent in principle) 76 M/S Nandi Soaps Private Ltd., Raxaul Establishment of soap manufacturing plant at Raxual 6.414 142 19.03.07 21.05.07 77 M/S Saran Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd., Chapra Generation of 240 K.W Electricity from Biomass based Gasification System at Garkha, Saran. 1.45 14 19.03.07  78 M/S Prachin Bharat Tourism, ,  Kalptaru Apartment, Bangalore E-mail: naveenshar@gmail.com Establishment of Integrated Tourist Park at Nepura, Silao, Nalanda 5.00 100 19.03.07 (Consent in principle on concept of proposal)08.10.07 (Consent ) 14.11.07 79 M/S S.S. Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Darbhanga. Establishment of Ethanol Plant from 2500 TCD Sugarcane Juice at Sukhait, Block- Jhanjharpur, Dist.- Madhubani. 95.04 120 19.03.07 21.05.07 80 M/S Braj Industries Pvt. Ltd., P.O- Sadanandpur, Dist.- Begusarai-851211 Proposal for establishment of 180 Kilo Litter Per Day Ethanol Production Plant from Sugarcane Juice at Supaul. 82.00 120 26.03.07  81 M/s Cement Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Kolkata. Proposal for establishment of  2×250 MW Thermal Power Plant at Kahalgaon 1650.00 225 26.03.07  82 M/S Pinax Steel    Industries Pvt. Ltd.,    VII/ 1&2 Industrial  Estate,  Patliputra, Patna-13  Manufacturing of M.S Ingot by setting of Induction Furnace at Devkuli , Bihta 8.67 69 07.05.07(Consent in principle) 10.05.08 83 M/S M J & Sons Distillery & Breweries Private Ltd.,            Jankivilla, Near Pushpanjali Plaza , Vasant Vihar Colony, Boring Rd., Patna-1 Setting up of Extra Neutral Alcohol Plant based on food grains at Amarpur, Banka. 36.70 375 07.05.07(Consent in principle) 09.10.07 Report-3 1284 M/S Vikramsheela Textile Park Ltd.,  10 R.N. Mukherjee  Road, Kolkata- 700001 Establishment of Textile Park at Bhagalpur 120.00 65 28.05.07 06.11.07 85 M/S Birla Corporation Ltd., Birla Building,9/1,RN Mukharji Road, Kolkata,-700001 Setting up of 1 Million TPA Cement grinding Unit at Barh, Patna.  155.00  350 25.06.07(Consent in principle)17.06.08 86 M/S B. K. Group of Companies,         Park Street. Kolkata. Establishment of 1.5 Million TPA Cement manufacturing Plant near Barauni Thermal Power Station. 137.60 150 16.07.07 (Consent in principle) 87 M/S Angpradesh Handloom Park Pvt. Ltd., Bhagalpur. Establishment of Handloom Park under Cluster Business Plan at Bhagalpur. 27.5 5000 16.07.07 (Consent in principle) 88 M/S Maurya Sugar Pvt. Ltd.,  47/B Sahadeo Mahato Marg, Sri Krishna Puri, Patna- 800001 Setting up of 2500 TCD Sugar Mill & 15 MW Cogeneration Power Plant at Chorma, East Champaran. 157.93   330 13.08.07  05.02.08 89 M/S Saran Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd., Chapra Generation of 10 MW Electricity from Biomass based Gasification System at Garkha, Saran. 50.80  20 24.09.07 (Consent in principle) 90 M/S Vaishali Kisan Uday Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd., Patna. (Consent has been given for establishment of 1400 TCD Gur Khandsari unit at Tarwa, Majhaulia, Chochahi Chapra Panchayat, AnchalParu, Muzaffarpur in SIPB meeting held on 11.08.10) Proposal for establishment of 5000 TCD Sugar Mill, 72 KLPD Ethanol Plant and 26 MW Captive  Power Plant at Vill.- Chochahi-Chapra, Anchal- Paru, Muzaffarpur. (Proposal for starting of 500 TCD Mini Sugar Mill at Jita Chapra Block-Pakri Basrat has been approved with condition on 17.08.09) (Proposal for establishment of 1400 TCD Gur Khandsari unit at Tarwa, Majhaulia, Chochahi Chapra Panchayat, Anchal-Paru, Muzaffarpur.) 155.18 22.5917 440 150 24.09.07 (Consent in principle) 17.08.09 11.08.10 13.05.08 91 M/S Munger Medical College Trust, Munger Establishment of Medical College at Munger 22.00  300 24.09.07 (Consent in principle) Report-3 1392 M/S Sai Iron India Ltd., Didarganj, Patna Establishment of second  Rolling Mill in the Campus of existing Rolling Mill at Sabalpur, Didarganj, Patna. 42.39  367 24.09.07 (Consent in principle) 15.02.08 93 M/S Maurya Sugar Pvt. Ltd.,  47/B Sahadeo Mahato Marg, Sri Krishna Puri, Patna- 800001 Setting up of 3500 TCD Sugar Mill, 120 KLPD Distillery Plant  & 16 MW Co-generation Power Plant at Vill- Gurwalia Bishwash, Anchal- Chanpatia, Dist.- W. Champaran. 241.95  330 24.09.07 (Consent in principle) 23.09.08 94 M/S Steel Authority of India Ltd., Bokaro Steel Plant, Bokaro Establishment of 1.55 Lakh Ton Steel Processing Unit at Kumarbagh, Bettiah. 160.63  293 24.09.07 (Consent in principle) 11.03.08 95 M/s Gangotri Iron & Steel Co Ltd., 307 Ashiana Tower, Exhibition Road, Patna.                            E-mail: gcplpat@sancharnet.in   Establishment of 15 MTx 2 Nos. Induction Furnace, Concast unit, Oxygen Plant , Wire Rod Plant &   A Rerolling Mill of 300 TPD to manufacture Thermax TMT Bars Plant at Bihta, Patna 50.00  570 08.10.07 (Consent in principle) 31.01.08 96 M/S Steel Authority of India Ltd., Bokaro Steel Plant, Bokaro Establishment of 1.07 Lakh TPA Steel Processing Unit at Sahdei, Vaishali 318.75  250 08.10.07 (Consent in principle) 21.02.08 97 M/S Prachin Bharat Tourism,  Kalptaru Apartment, Bangalore Establishment of Multi Media Museum at Nalanda 0.20  20 22.10.07 (Consent in principle)98  M/S Globe Sugar Refinery Ltd, Berger House, 5th Floor, 129, Park Street, Kolkata (Change of name of the company from M/S  Kamlapur Sugar Refinery Limited  to M/S Globe Sugar Refinery Ltd has been approved in SIPB meeting on 18.05.09) Establishment of  8000 TCD Sugar Mill,    120 KLPD Ethanol Plant and  26 MW Co-generation Plant at Sariatpur-Chakia, East Champaran 248.80 106.10 132.90 450 60 30 29.10.07 (Consent in principle) 18.05.09 04.03.08 99 M/S Jagdamba Ispat (P) Ltd., Nasriganj, Danapur, Patna. Capacity expansion of 5400 MT/Year  MS Ingot at present established unit at Danapur  1.675  15 29.10.07 (Consent in principle) Report-3 14100 M/S Babu Cold Storage,            Pilkhan Road, Chura Patti, Kishanganj Establishment of 5200 MT/Year capacity Cold Storage for Vegetable and Food Preservation at Chura Patti, Kishanganj 1.81  07 29.10.07 (Consent in principle) 101 M/S Laxmivinayak Ventures Pvt. Ltd., Malsalami, Patna City Establishment of one Lakh Ton /Year Detergent Powder production Plant at Hajipur. (Place has been changed from Bihta to Hajipur) 20.00  20 29.10.07 (Consent in principle) 21.4.08 14.06.08 102 M/S P. M. R. Educational Trust, 2036, 15 th Main Road, Anna Nagar, West Chennai-600040 Setting up of Engineering College in Bihar 35.00      02.01.08  30.03.08 103 M/S Ganga Power & Natural Resources  Ltd.,  14 th Netaji Subhas Road, 2nd Floor, Kolkata-700001 (Name has been changed form M/S Neepaz Thermal Energy Ltd to Adhunik Power & Natural Resources Ltd.)  (Company’s proposal approved by SIPB on 01.02.10 for establishment of 1320 MW Thermal Power Plant at Kahalgaon, Bhagalpur in the name of M/S Adhunik Power & Natural Resources Ltd has been amended and consent has been given to establish that project at Pirpainti Block, Bhagalpur in the new name as M/S Ganga Power & Natural Resources  Ltd in SIPB Meeting held on 29.06.10)Proposal for establishment of 2640 MW Coal based Thermal Power Plant in two phases at Pirpainti, Bhagalpur  (Approval has been given for establishment of 1320 MW in place of 1000 MW in SIPB meeting held on 1.2.10) (Company’s proposal approved on 29.06.10 for establishment of 1320 MW Thermal Power Plant at Pirpainti Block, Bhagalpur has been amended and approval has been given for establishment of 2640 MW Coal based Thermal Power Plant in two phases at Pirpainti, Bhagalpur in SIPB meeting held on 12.01.11) 15079  1450 02.01.08 09.06.08 01.02.10 29.06.10 12.01.11 23.09.08 104 M/S Subhas Projects and Marketing Ltd., 22 Camac Street, Block-A, 3rd Floor, Kolkata-700016 Setting up of 1200 MW Thermal Power Plant at Rampur, Dist.- Lakhisarai, Bihar 5000.00  400 02.01.08 Report-3 15105 M/S India Power Corporation Ltd., Vishwakarma, 86 C, Topsia Road(South), Kolkata-700046 (Company’s proposal approved by SIPB on 02.01.08 for establishment of 1650 MW Coal Based Thermal Power Plant in Bihar has been amended and consent has been given for establishment of 1320 (2×660) MW Coal Based Thermal Power Plant at Indragachi, Sangrampur(Areraj), East Champaran in SIPB meeting held on 21.07.10) Establishment of 1320 (2×660) MW Coal Based Thermal Power Plant at Indragachi, Sangrampur (Areraj), East Champaran 7280.00  650 02.01.08 21.07.10 106 M/S P & M Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., 47/B, Sahdeo Mahto Marg, Sri Krishna Puri, Patna-1 Setting up of Bodh Gaya Resort at Bodh Gaya 18.41  250 02.01.08 (Consent in principle) 107 M/S Maurya Sugar Pvt. Ltd., Sri Krishna Puri, Patna-1 Setting up of 3500 TCD expendable up to 6000 TCD Sugar Complex at Kharkatwa, Dhonar Devli, Ramgarhwa,EastChamparan 171.96   330 02.01.08  11.03.08 108 M/S Nalanda Power Company Limited, R.P.G. Group, C.E.S.C House, Chaurangi Square, Kolkata- 700001 (Name has been changed form M/S C.E.S.C. Limited to M/S Nalanda Power Company Limited) Setting up of 1800 MW Coal based Thermal Power Plant at Pirpainti or other suitable place. 7290.00  02.01.08 09.06.08 26.03.08 12.08.08 109 M/S Neutral Publishing House Ltd.(Prabhat Khabar), Old By  Pass Road, Kankarbagh,  Patna- 20 Proposal for establishment of Printing, Publishing of News Papers and Publishing of Periodical at Patna, Bhagalpur and Muzaffarpur 38.62  502 25.02.08 25.07.08 110 M/S Amrapali Foods Ltd., Ujjawal, 2nd Floor, Opposite Planetarium, Bailey Road, Patna  Proposal for establishment of Food Park at Muzaffarpur, Vaishali (Hajipur). 125.00        25.02.08  Report-3 16111 M/S Bihar Agro Projects Ltd, 19, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata-1 Proposal for establishment of Food Park at Bhagalpur 75.00   25.02.08  112 M/S Amit Oil Ltd., Allahabad Proposal for establishment of Solvent Extraction Plant at Kaimur 7.50   57 25.02.08 25.07.08 113 M/S I.L. & F.S,  4 B, 1st Floor, S.K. Puri, Patna Proposal for establishment of 500 MW Power Plant in Muzaffarpur District 2223.40     500 25.02.08 (with condition) 114 M/S Amrapali Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd., Ujjawal, 2nd Floor, Bailey Road, Patna Proposal for establishment of Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Unit at Muzaffarpur 2.253    228 25.02.08 (Consent in principle) 04.06.09 115 M/S Reliance Industries Ltd. Establishment of 5 MW Solar Power Plant at Patna  25.02.08 (Consent inprinciple) 116 M/S Medical World 4U Ltd.,  M.D- Dr. Ashok Kumar, 49  Truman Drive, High Beech, Saint Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN- 377 TH , U.K. Company’s proposal for establishment of Dental College and Para Medical College in the name of Lord Buddha International Institute of Medical Science 148.87  25.02.08  117 M/S Titagarh Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata Establishment of Jatropha based Bio-diesel Plant at Banka 51.00  40 25.02.08  118 M/S Punrasar Jute Park Limited,  404, Vaishno Chamber, 6, Brabourne Road, Kolkta. Establishment of Jute Hessian Cloth/Sacking Bags, Jute Yarn and Jute Twine industry at Moranga Industrial Area, Purnea (Canceling the above proposal, consent has been given for Jute Park  at  Moranga Industrial Estate in SIPB meeting on 19.05.08)  40.00 10000  17.03.08 (Consent in principle) 19.05.08 03.08.08 119 M/S M. D International , NS-9 Industrial Area, Fatuha  Establishment of Mineral Powder Production Plant at Industrial Area, Fatuha 1.8666  22 17.03.08 (Consent in principle) 120 M/S Tiger Warehousing Cold Chain Pvt. Ltd., 508, Dalamal House, Nariman Point, J.B. Road, Mumbai, Establishment of Warehousing, Container Freight and Cold Storage at Hajipur 49.75  105 09.02.09 17.03.08 (Consent 04.06.09 Report-3 17Maharastra (Company’s name has been changed form M/S Central Warehousing Cold Chain Pvt. Ltd to M/S Tiger Warehousing Cold Chain Pvt. Ltd on 09.02.09,) in principle) 121 M/S Era Agritech(I) Pvt. Ltd.,  153 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-III, New Delhi. Establishment of Agro Business Centre and Primary Processing Centre in Bihar 84.70  300 17.03.08 (Consent in principle) 122 M/S PTC Bermaco Green Energy Systems Ltd.,  D 73/1 TTC, Industrial Area , Navi Mumbai (Company’s name has been changed from M/S Bermaco Energy Systems Ltd to M/S PTC Bermaco Green Energy Systems Ltd on 29.06.09) Establishment of 12 MW Biomass Power Project at Rohtas  50.174  92 17.03.08 29.06.09 123 M/S Navran Advanced Nano Products Development International Pvt. Ltd., 109, M.I.G, Kankarbagh Colony, Patna. Proposal for Production Polymerised Toner for Business  Network Laser Printer 32.00  17.03.08  124 M/S Amrapali Foods Limited, Ujjwal, II Floor, Opposite Planetarium, Bailey Road, Patna Proposal for expansion and Modernisation of Fruits and Vegetable Processing Unit at Hajipur Industrial Area. 2.28  15 17.03.08 31.05.08 125 M/S Maurya-Patna, Bihar Hotels Ltd, South Gandhi Maidan, Patna Proposal for establishment of New Maurya Hotel Tower and expansion of existing Hotel  35.74  180 17.03.08 (Consent with condition)126 M/S Krishak Bharti Cooperative Ltd.,  A-10, Sector-1, Noida-201301, Dist. Gautambudh Nagar(U.P.) Proposal for establishment of 1320 MW coal based  Power Project at Bihta/ Lakhisarai/Banka/Dehri 6200.00  800 17.03.08 (Consent in principle) Report-3 18127 M/S Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited, Ali Tower, 55, Greams Road, Chennai Establishment of state-of- art hospital, accommodation, educational and training infrastructure under Health Care Infrastructure. 40.00  376 21.04.08 (Consent in principle) 25.07.08 128 M/S Maharshi DAV Educational Trust, Haryana Establishment of  College for Engineering & Diploma Course at Muzaffarpur 4.06  30 19.05.08(with condition (25.07.08 129 M/S R.N.Dwivedi Foundation, Patna Establishment of  Composite Educational Complex at Patliputra Industrial Estate   10.08  227 19.05.08   (Consent in principle with condition) 130 M/S Triton Energy Limited, “Indiabulls House” 448-451, Udyog Vihar, Phase-V, Gurgaon-122001 Establishment of 1320 MW coal based mega thermal power plant at vill Kochar, Tehsil-Barun, Dist.-Aurangabad. (Change of place from Navinagar, Aurangabad to vill- Kochar, Tehsil-Barun, Dist.-Aurangabad has been approved in SIPB meeting on 19.10.09) 6573.50 400 09.06.08 (Consent in principle) 19.10.09 29.12.09 131 M/S Essar Steel Limited,  11 K K Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai-400034 Proposal for establishment of call center at Bhagalpur and Patna 250.00  2000 09.06.08  132 M/S Jhunjhunwala Vanspati Ltd.,  Jhunjhunwala Bhawan, Nati Imli, Varanasi(U.P) Establishment of  225000 MT/A Refined Edible Oil Plant at Dehri (Rohtas) 95.00   171 11.07.08 14.08.08 133 M/S Jay Shri Ram Annapurna Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd,  Rohtas Establishment of Rice Mill at Kailani,  Rohtas 1.7325   10 11.07.08 14.08.08 134 M/S India Greenfuel Pvt. Ltd.,  241, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase- III, New Delhi- 110020 Establishment of 5000 TCD Sugar Mill, 175 KLPD Distillery Plant and 25 MW Bagasse based Cogeneration Plant at Khajooriya, Areraj, East Champaran  240.00  325 11.07.08 (Consent in principle) Report-3 19135 M/S Licchavi Foundation, Hajipur( Vaishali) Establishment of B.Ed. Teacher’s Training Institute at Hajipur, Vaishali. 1.61  19 11.07.08 (Consent with condition) 08.09.08 136 M/S ITC Limited, Indian Tobacco Division,  P.O- Basdeopur Munger(Bihar)-811202 Establishment of Milk Processing Plant at Sitakund, Munger 100.90  140 14.08.08  137 M/S Ramadhar Singh Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd., Bharhopur, Ganjpar, Ekma, Saran-841208 Establishment of Multi Purpose and Multi Chambered Cold Storage at Ganjpar, Ekma, Saran. 3.58  26 14.08.08 15.11.08 138 M/S Essar Power (Jharkhand) Limited, Next to Tirath Mansion, Near Over Bridge, Main Road, Ranchi Establishment of Thermal Power Plant of 3×600 MW capacity at Pirpainti, Bhagalpur. 8130.00  2200 29.09.08 (Consent with condition) 139 M/S Jain Agro Distilleries Pvt Ltd., 306, Akash Deep Building, 26-A, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110001 Establishment of 45 KLPD Distillery Plant at Bighaijaghish, TehsilHathua(Mirganj, Gopalganj  (Cancelling earlier approved place which was at Chitauli, Siwan and new place as Bighaijaghish, TehsilHathua(Mirganj), Gopalganj has been approved on 09.2.09)29.69  100 09.02.09 29.09.08 11.02.10 140 M/S Astonfield Renewable Resources Pvt. Ltd.,  28, Naresh Mitra Sarani, Kolkata. Establishment of 100 MW (10×10 MW) Biomass based Power Plant in 10 district clusters in Bihar 598.00  45 29.09.08  141 M/S All India Asian Educational Foundation, 3&4, Industrial Area, Jasola (Sarita Vihar), New Delhi-110025 Proposal for opening of Technical Institute at Patna. 51.00  19 29.09.08  142 M/S Birsa Institute of Technology, Ratu Road, Ranchi Establishment of Engineering College in Bihar.  29.09.08  Report-3 20143 M/S Narayan Chikitsalay, Rohtas Establishment of Medical College at Sasaram Road, Jamuar, Rohtas.   29.09.08 (Consent with condition) 144 M/S Malti Holy health & Welfare Society, Arrah, Pakri, Bhojpur. Establishment of Medical College and Hospital at Arrah, Bhojpur.  29.09.08 (Consent with condition) 145 M/S Sona Auto Agriculture Pvt. Ltd., Abhishek Plaza, 2nd Floor, Exhibition Rd. Patna. Proposal for manufacturing of Agriculture Implements unit at Fatuha Industrial Area.    12.70  59 29.09.08  146 M/S East West Power Generation Company Ltd., Maharastra Proposal for establishment of 1000 MW coal based Thermal Power Plant at Kahalgaon/Aurangabad 5000.00  700 18.11.08 (Consent in-principle with condition) 147 M/S Sri Durga Agro Energy   Ltd, Station Road, Buxar. Proposal for establishment of Rice Mill, Solvent Extraction Plant and 15 MW Co-generation Plant at Bhagra Kudra, Kaimur. 141.00  265 18.11.08 (Consent in-principle with condition) 148 M/S Emergent Ventures India Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, Haryana (On request of M/S Emergent Ventures India Pvt. Ltd for its Gaya project, approval has been given to its new subsidiary company namely M/S Tathagata Bio Energy Pvt. Ltd for establishment of 12 MW Biomass based Power Plant at vill- Churi, Dist.-Gaya and for its Kaimur project also approval has been given to new SPV company namely M/S Mundeshwari Bio Energy Pvt. Ltd for establishment of 12 MW Biomass based Power Plant at Kaimur, Bhabhua in SIPB meeting held on 12.01.11) Proposal for establishment of 12 MW biomass based Power Plant in each district namely Aurangabad, Nalanda, Nawada, Rohtas, Jehanabad, Arwal, Bhojpur, Patna and Banka. 462.00  90 18.11.08 (Consent in-principle with condition) 12.01.11 149 M/S Shahi Foundation, Gannipur, Muzaffarpur Proposal for establishment of Engineering College at Dighra, Mushari, Muzaffarpur. 6.99  38 18.11.08 (Consent  with condition) 150 M/S ESVEEGEE STARCH AND CHEMICALS PVT. LTD.,   Ahmadabad. Proposal for establishment of Maize Processing Unit at Imadpur Raghunathpur, Block- Bhagwanpur, Dist.- Vaishali 90.00  250 18.11.08 22.12.08 Report-3 21151 M/S Siddhashram Rice Mills Cluster Pvt. Ltd., Rambag, Buxar. Proposal for establishment of Rice Mill and 2 MW Rice Husk based Power Plant at Chausa, Buxar 14.30  250 18.11.08 (Consent  with condition) 04.06.09 152 M/S Manju Makhana Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Madhubani. (Unit’s proposal approved by SIPB on 18.11.08 for establishment of Makhana Storage Godown and Mechanised Packaging Facilities in the name of M/S Manju Udyog, has been amended and consent has been given for establishment of Makhana Processing and 200 MT Warehouse at Sapta, Rahika, Madhubani in the name of M/S  Manju Makhana Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. in SIPB meeting held on 11.08.10) Proposal for establishment of Makhana Processing and 200 MT Warehouse at Sapta, Rahika, Madhubani. 0.80  15 18.11.08 11.08.10 04.06.09 153 M/S Institute of Chartered Accountant of India, Frazer Road, Patna. Proposal for establishment of a Branch of Chartered Accountant of India at Patna  18.11.08 (Consent  with condition) 154 M/S Prachin Bharat Tourism, Bangalore. Establishment of following proposals based on outsourcing:-  (a) Management of Tourist Information Centre using new technology. (b)  Development and management of Website of Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation(BSTDC) using 2.0 Technology.  18.11.08 (Consent  with condition) 155 M/S Bihar Starch Ltd, Khagaria. Proposal for establishment of Maize Processing Unit at Kothia, Kashimpur, Khagaria. 17.11  91 18.11.08 (Consent  inprinciple) 28.12.08 156 M/S Jaiprakash Associates Ltd.,    New Delhi. Proposal for establishment of capacity of 1 Million Ton Flyash based Cement Grinding Plant at Motipur, Muzaffarpur  18.11.08 (Consent in-principle with condition) 157 M/S Archi Breweries Pvt Ltd,  Birchand Patel Marg, R Block, Patna Proposal for establishment of Beer Plant with  capacity of 1 lakh HLPA at Parew, Bihta, Patna. 9.63  45 16.12.08  Report-3 22158 M/S PTC Bermaco Green Energy Systems Ltd, Navi Mumbai, Maharastra Proposal for establishment of total 300 MW Biomass Power Plant in 25 different places      (12 MW each place) in Bihar 1254.25  2300 16.12.08 (Consent  with condition) 159 M/S Geneva Software Technologies Ltd, Bangalore Proposal for working in the field of Disaster Information Management and Enterprise Solution at Patna.  16.12.08  160 M/S  Meera Comtrade Pvt Ltd, Exhibition Road, Patna (Change of name of the company from M/S  Meera Enterprises to M/S Meera Comtrade Pvt Ltd has been approved in SIPB meeting on 18.05.09)Proposal for establishment of Cold Storage with  proposed capacity of 40 MT, Agri Marketing Yard and Dry Warehouse with proposed capacity of 400 MT under Rural Agri Business Centre at Narkatiabazar, East Champaran. 3.861  100 16.12.08 18.05.09 11.07.09 161 M/S Bhartiya Agro Products Pvt Ltd, Bettiah Proposal for establishment of Cold Storage with proposed capacity of 6150 MT, Dry Warehouse with proposed capacity of 5000 MT, Agri Input Marketing and Agri Output Marketing Project at Bettiah 9.319  280 16.12.08  162 M/S Jai Kisan Food Products Pvt Ltd, Sasaram Proposal for establishment of Modern Rice Mill with proposed capacity of 4 MT per hour, Warehousing with proposed capacity of  5000 MT  and Packaging project with proposed capacity of 4 MT per hour at Chandwa, Rohtas. 5.3851  150 16.12.08 04.06.09 163 M/S Vindhyabasini Rice Mills Cluster Pvt Ltd, Nokha, Rohtas (Change of name of the company from M/S  Sunil Kumar Singh to M/S Vindhyabasini Rice Mills Cluster Pvt Ltd has been approved in SIPB meeting on 18.05.09) Proposal for establishment of Modern Rice Mill with proposed capacity of 7 MT per hour, Warehouse with proposed capacity of 10,000 MT and Packaging Project with proposed capacity of 4 MT per hour at Nokha, Rohtas. 10.38  200 16.12.08 18.05.09 11.07.09 164 M/S Shivjee Modern Rice Mill Pvt Ltd,  Konar, Sasaram Proposal for establishment of Modern Rice Mill with proposed capacity of 4 MT per hour, Warehouse with proposed capacity of 5000 MT and Packaging Project with proposed capacity of 4 MT per hour at Konar, Shiv Sagar, Rohtas. 4.715  150 16.12.08 04.06.09 Report-3 23165 M/S Indsolar Renewables Pvt. Ltd.,  Harihar Singh Road, Morabadi, Ranchi.  (Canceling the company’s earlier approved proposal to set up 5 MW Solar Thermal Power Project  with earlier name(Indsolar India) and approval has been given for establishment of 2 MW Power Plant based on Solar Photo Voltaic Technology and 3 MW Solar Thermal Power Generation Plant with it’s new name as IndsolarRenewables Pvt. Ltd. in SIPB meeting on 19.10.09)Establishment of 2 MW Power Plant based on Solar Photo Voltaic Technology and 3 MW Solar Thermal Power Generation Plant at Aurangabad  26.74 20 09.02.09 (Consent  inprinciple) 19.10.09 166 M/S Nalanda Biscuit Company Ltd, Khagaul Road, Nayatola, Phulwarisharif, Patna Proposal for capacity expansion of existing Biscuit manufacturing unit at Phulwarisharif from 10,750 MT per year to 16,750 MT per year. 3.38  269 09.02.09  167 Prachin Bharat Tourism, Bangalore  Establishment of Multimedia Museum at Bodh Gaya 0.2471  09.02.09  168 M/S All India Asian Educational Foundation, 3&4, Industrial Area, Jasola (Sarita Vihar), New Delhi-110025 Establishment of Institute of Medical Sciences, Dental Sciences and Nursing Sciences at Patna  150.00  09.02.09 (Consent  with condition) 169 M/S SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited,  ‘Vishwakarma’ 86 C, Topsia Road(South), Kolkata. Establishment of 5 MW Grid Interactive Solar Power Plant at Jamalpur 116.00  30 09.02.09 (Consent  with condition) 170 M/S Taj Trading Company, Chhatia, Bhatgama, Purnea East, Purnea Establishment of Warehousing and Packaging Facility for Makhana at Purnea. 0.936  55 09.02.09  171 M/S Employees’  State Insurance Corporation, Patna Establishment of Medical College and Hospital at Patna 201.00  500 09.02.09  172 M/S Lakhisarai Bijlee Company Pvt. Ltd.,    New Delhi Establishment of 1320(660×2) MW Coal based Thermal Power Project at Kajra, Lakhisarai 6810.00  600 09.02.09  Report-3 24173 M/S Buxar Bijlee Company Pvt. Ltd.,    New Delhi Establishment of 1320 MW Coal based Thermal Power Project at Chausa, Buxar 6795.00  600 09.02.09  174 M/S Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.       Kolkata Establishment of Five Star Hotel in Patna and International Tourist Resort at Bodh Gaya in PPP mode and Golf Course  18.05.09 (Consent  with condition) 175 M/S Steel Authority of India Ltd., Bokaro Steel Plant, Bokaro Establishment of Steel Processing Unit of TMT Bar with the capacity of one lakh Ton per year at Gaya 88.76  179 18.05.09 07.08.09 176 M/S Chaitanya Gurukul Trust, Gopalganj. Establishment of Educational Institution as- Model School from class 1 to 12, Degree Engineering College and Research and Development at Chamanpura, Gopalganj 30.00  200 18.05.09 (Consent  inprinciple) 177 M/S Tirupati Balajee Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.,  Patna Establishment of Flour Mill with the capacity of 45,000 MT per year at Khedalpura, Bihta, Patna. 5.56  103 18.05.09 07.08.09 178 M/S Royal Engineering and Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd., Siwan. Establishment of Cold Storage with the Capacity of 5000 MT at Pakwaliya, Dhrundha, Siwan. 1.5  15 18.05.09 16.09.09 179 M/S Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Mumbai. Establishment of 3500 TCD Capacity of Sugar Mill, 60 KLPD Capacity of  Ethanol Plant and 20 MW Cogeneration Plant at Lauriya, West Champaran. 304.39  375 29.06.09 (Consent  with condition) 180 M/S Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Mumbai. Establishment of 3500 TCD Capacity of Integrated Sugar Mill, 60 KLPD Capacity of Ethanol Plant and 20 MW Co-generation Plant at Sugauli, East Champaran. 309.15  375 29.06.09 (Consent  with condition) 181 M/S Nibhi Industries Pvt. Ltd,  Mylapore, Chennai Establishment of 1,00,000 (One Lakh) MT Capacity Asbestos Fiber Cement Corrugated Sheet, Flat Sheet and Accessories and Light Weight Fly Ash Block 31.00 125 29.06.09 (Consent  with condition) Report-3 25Plant at Industrial Growth Centre, Giddha, Ara  (Change of place from Dariapur, Chapra to Industrial Growth Centre, Giddha, Ara has been approved in SIPB meeting on 19.10.09) 19.10.09 182 M/S Parijat Next Gen Energy Pvt. Ltd,  Bangalore. Establishment of 15 MW (2×7.5 MW) Biomass based Power Plant at Bihiya, Bhojpur. 73.00  30 29.06.09 (Consent  with condition) 183 M/S Bajaj Buildcon Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Establishment of Resort, Water Park and Educational Development at Patna. 285.00  29.06.09 (Consent  with condition)184 M/S Kanika Buildcon Pvt. Ltd, Patna Establishment of Mall-cum- Multiplex, Health and Medical, Educational Development and Residential Complex at Patna. 365.00  29.06.09 (Consent  with condition) 185 M/S Sukhjit Starch & Chemicals Limited, Phagwara, Punjab. Establishment of two Warehouse with the capacity of 5000-5000 MT at Naugachia(Bhagalpur) and Gulzarbagh (Purnea). 12.62  50 29.06.09 (Consent  with condition) 13.12.09 186 M/S Sahu Agro Business Pvt. Ltd,  Bhagalpur. Establishment of Cold Storage with capacity of 3000 MT, Warehouse with capacity of 1100 MT and Pack House with the capacity of 200 MT under R.A.B.C at Naugachia, Bhagalpur. 4.21  64 29.06.09  13.12.09 187 M/S Radhe Shyam Cold Storage & Foods Pvt. Ltd, Gajipur, Uttar Pradesh. Establishment of Fruit Pulp and Juice Plant with annual capacity of 17,500 MT at Industrial Area, Pandaul, Madhubani. 9.61  148 29.06.09  13.12.09 188 M/S Usha Martin Ltd, New Delhi. Establishment of 1200-1320 MW Coal based Thermal Power Plant at Kahalgaon/ Pirpainti, Bhagalpur. 6000.00  500 29.06.09 189 M/S Amrapali Foundation, New Delhi.  (Approval has been given for change of place   from Motihari to Kumarbagh(Bettiah) in SIPB meeting held on 20.07.09) Establishment of Engineering College at Foundation’s Campus- Begusarai, Jamalpur and Kumarbagh(Bettiah)and Management Institute at Motipur. 18.952  247 29.06.09 (Consent  with condition) Report-3 26190 M/S Advantage Educational Society, New Delhi. Establishment of Advantage Media Academy at off Bailey Road, Patna. 7.00  30 29.06.09 (Consent  with condition) 191 M/S Suman Agritech Pvt. Ltd, Indore Establishment of Vegetable Refined Oil and Interesterification unit  and Bakery fat at Kulaharia, Ara 120.00  250 20.07.09 29.12.09 192 M/S Amit metaliks Ltd, Durgapur, West Bengal. Establishment of Five Star Hotel at Patna Town  168.18  309 20.07.09 (Consent  with condition) 193 M/S Uttam Cycle Pvt. Ltd, Patna Establishment of Cycle Manufacturing Industry at Gaya-Patna Road 50.00  75 20.07.09  194 M/S Ganapati Biscuits Pvt. Ltd, Patna City Establishment of Biscuit Manufacturing Unit at Bankaghat, Patna City 14.85  300 20.07.09 13.12.09 195 M/S Sarvottam Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata. Establishment of 540 MW coal based Thermal Power Plant at Kahalgaon 2250.00  610 17.08.09  196 M/S I L & FS Renewable Energy Ltd, Mumbai Establishment of 12 MW biomass based Power Project at Banka. 50.17  92 17.08.09  197 M/S Tarouna Cold Storage Pvt Ltd,  Purnea  Establishment of Cold Storage with the capacity of 11,400 MT under R.A.B.C.  at Jalalgarh, Purnea. 7.29  60 17.08.09 13.12.09 198 M/S Ambo Agro Products Ltd, Kolkata Establishment of 200 TPD Refined Edible Oil, 2.5 MW Captive Power Plant, 200 TPD Rice Mill and 150 TPD Flour Mill at Bhagalpur / Patna/ Begusarai 84.00  200 17.08.09  199 M/S Ashwini Jhunjhunwala, Tilkamanjhi, Bhagalpur. Establishment of 100 MT Cold Room, 500 MT Pack House, Processing Hall, 1000 MT Agri Input Warehouse and 5600 MT Grain Storage Warehouse under R.A.B.C at Tilkamanjhi, Bhagalpur. 5.9091  31 17.08.09  200 M/S Hira Bharti Agro Pvt. Ltd, Bhagalpur. (Unit’s proposal approved by SIPB on 17.08.09 for establishment of 3000 MT Establishment of 3000 MT Cold Storage, 2800 MT Warehouse for grains and 600 MT Pack House and 4.77  38 17.08.09 Report-3 27Cold Storage, 2800 MT Warehouse for grains and 600 MT Pack House and Cold Room under R.A.B.C. at Shivnarayanpur, Kahalgaon,  Bhaglapur in the name of M/S Amit Sinha, has been amended and consent has been given for establishment of that project in the name of M/S Hira Bharti Agro Pvt. Ltd in SIPB meeting held on 08.06.10.) Cold Room under R.A.B.C. at Shivnarayanpur, Kahalgaon Bhagalpur.  08.06.10 201 M/S Unique Foods, Muzaffarpur Establishment of I. Q. F. Plant-2 MT per hour Frozen / Aseptic line 10 MT per hour, Canning Line 15 MT per day, Cold Room 500 MT and Modern Cold Chain  at Muzaffarpur. 16.64  35 17.08.09 13.12.09 202 M/S Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd, Mumbai (Company’s revised proposal for establishment of Bran/ Seed De-oiled Cake -1,20,000 MTA, Vanaspati / Bakery Fats/ Interestified -90,000 MTA, Packaged Blended / Refined Oils-1,26,000 MTA , Expeller Oil- 18000 MTA, Textured Soya Protein- 15,000 MTA , Packaged Grains- 22,500 MTA,  Co-generation Power – 4.5 MW has been approved in SIPB meeting on 15.02.10.)Establishment of Bran/ Seed De-oiled Cake -1,20,000 MTA, Vanaspati / Bakery Fats/ Interestified -90,000 MTA, Packaged Blended / Refined Oils-1,26,000 MTA , Expeller Oil- 18000 MTA, Textured Soya Protein- 15,000 MTA , Packaged Grains- 22,500 MTA,  Co-generation Power – 4.5 MW at Durgawati, Kaimur, Dist.- Bhabhua. 215.00  530 17.08.09 15.02.10 203 M/S Bhagwan Agro Pvt Ltd, Rohtas  Establishment of 4 MT per hour Modern Rice Mill and 2000 MT Capacity Warehouse at Nokha, Rohtas. 3.46  90 17.08.09 13.12.09 204 M/S Shanti Modern Rice Mill, Sasaram Establishment of 4 MT per hour Modern Rice Mill and 1000 MT capacity Warehouse at Kaua Dehri, Block-Shivsagar, Rohtas. 1.45  40 17.08.09 13.12.09 205 M/S  Shree Hanumanjee Modern Rice Mill Pvt Ltd, Sasaram. (Company’s proposal Establishment of 12 MT per hour Modern Rice Mill and 3000 MT Warehouse at Baijala, Mokar, Rohtas 9.75  50 17.08.09  13.12.09 21.12.10 Report-3 28approved by SIPB on 17.08.09 for establishment of 4 MT per hour Modern Rice Mill and 4000 MT Capacity Warehouse at Vaijala, Sasaram in the name of M/S Hanumanjee Modern Rice Mill Pvt Ltd and 5 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill and 3000 MT capacity Warehouse at Baijala, Sasaram in the name of M/S Hanuman Food Products. As per company’s request, amending the approvals given on both proposals, consent has been given for one company as M/S Shree Hanumanjee Modern Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd, Rohtas for establishment of 12 MT per hour Modern Rice Mill and 3000 MT Warehouse at Baijala, Mokar, Rohtas in SIPB meeting held on 21.07.10) 21.07.10 206 M/S Dumraon Textiles Ltd, Dumraon Establishment of 10 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill and 2 MW Captive Power Plant at Dumraon, Buxar. 19.68  175 17.08.09  207 M/S Sushila Cold Storage Pvt Ltd, Ara (Cancelling the earlier proposal approved on 17.8.09, present proposal as establishment of 7000 MT capacity Cold Storage (5000 MT capacity of Potato storage and 2000 MT capacity of Fruit and Vegetable storage), 2000 MT capacity Onion storage and Primary Processing and Packaging unit of Fruits and Vegetable under RABC at Giddha Industrial Area has been approved on 21.12.09) Establishment of 7000 MT capacity Cold Storage (5000 MT capacity of Potato storage and 2000 MT capacity of Fruit and Vegetable storage), 2000 MT capacity Onion storage and Primary Processing and Packaging unit of Fruits and Vegetable under RABC at Giddha Industrial Area 7.05  85 17.08.09 21.12.09 11.03.10 208 M/S Om Shivam Modern Rice Mill Pvt Ltd, Sasaram. Establishment of 11 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill and 5000 MT capacity Warehouse at Konar, Shivsagar, Rohtas 5.79  55 17.08.09 13.12.09 Report-3 29209 M/S Fox Petroleum Ltd, New Delhi Establishment of 30 MW Power Generation Plant based on dual fuel (gas & alternative fuel) technology in each 38 districts of Bihar. 7899.83  695 19.10.09 (Consent with condition) 210 M/S Gajanana Agronomy Pvt. Ltd, Bettiah. Establishment of Multipurpose Cold Storage with the capacity of 6860 MTA at Chhawani, Mehdia Bari, West Champaran. 4.49  13 19.10.09 01.02.10 211 M/S Aasma Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Patna. Establishment of Fruit & Vegetable Processing unit with the capacity of 2500 MTA at EPIP, Hajipur. 1.10  72 19.10.09 11.02.10 212 M/S Prashant Jalan & Associates, Kolkata. Establishment of Skimmed Milk Powder, Poly Pack Milk, Ice-cream, Ghee & Curd manufacturing project with the capacity of 100 MT per day at Begusarai/ Kahalgaon, Bhagalpur. 31.55  150 19.10.09  213 M/S Shiv Shakti Modern Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd., Raxaul, East Champaran. Establishment of Flour Mill with the capacity of 120 MT per day at Raghunathpur, Ramgharwa, Raxaul, E.Champaran. 6.144  78 19.10.09 11.02.10 214 M/S Om Shri Laxminarayan Warehouse Shoppers Ltd, Patna. Establishment of Modern Rice Mill with the capacity of 24 MT per hour at Nasriganj, Danapur, Patna.  13.62  101 19.10.09 11.02.10 215 M/S Thakur Nikunj Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd., Samastipur. Establishment of Multipurpose Cold Storage with the capacity of 6000 MT at Mathurapur, Samastipur. 3.59  130 19.10.09 11.02.10 216 M/S Auro Sundram International Pvt. Ltd., Roorkee, Dist.- Haridwar(Uttarakhand) (Company’s earlier proposal approved by SIPB on 19.10.09 to set up 150 TPD capacity Maize Processing unit for production of Maize Starch and Liquid Glucose and 3 MW Captive Power Plant at Industrial Area, Forbesganj, Araria has been amended by SIPB on 19.04.10 for establishment of 200 MT per day capacity Maize Establishment of 200 MT per day capacity Maize Processing unit for production of Maize Starch and Liquid Glucose and 2.5 MW Captive Power Plant at Industrial Area, Forbesganj, Araria.) 63.97  240 19.10.09 19.04.10 24.06.10 Report-3 30Processing unit for production of Maize Starch and Liquid Glucose and 2.5 MW Captive power Plant at the same place.)  217 M/S Vikramshila Educational and Welfare Society, Patna. Establishment of Management Institute in the name of Indian School of Management at Vill- Sarai, Khagaul, Patna.  15.13 44 19.10.09 01.02.10 218 M/S Yugal Green Urja Solutions Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. Establishment of 750 KW Biomass based Power Plant at Goriakothi, Siwan. 3.55 20 19.10.09  219 M/S Eco Cements Ltd., Varanasi. Establishment of grinding unit of  Portland Cement, Portland Pozzolana Cement and Portland Slag Cement with the capacity of 3000 TPD and 5 MVA Captive Power Plant at Karamnasa, Bhabhua.  100.00 150 19.10.09  220 M/S Simri Cold Storage Pvt Ltd, Simri, Samastipur. Establishment of 6000 MT Capacity Cold Storage, 3 MT per hour Sorting /Grading Unit under R.A.B.C Scheme at Simri, Samastipur. 4.5055 8 09.11.09 01.02.10 221 M/S Mohan Cold Storage Pvt Ltd, Samastipur Establishment of 10,600 MT Capacity Cold Storage under R.A.B.C. Scheme at Tajpur, Samastipur. 7.44  09.11.09 11.02.10 222 M/S Lichchhwi Foods India Pvt Ltd, Hajipur (Vaishali). Establishment of 7000 MT per year Capacity Multi Commodity Cold Storage, 2000 MT per year Capacity Deep Freezer and 2 MT per hour I.Q.F Line Freezer at Dighi Kala, Industrial Estate Hajipur 8.72 7 09.11.09 11.02.10 223 M/S Aqua Tech Industries, Keshrinagar, Patna Establishment of 60 Lakh Liter per year Capacity Packaged Drinking Water Unit at Rajiv Nagar, Patna 1.66 18 09.11.09 (Consent with condition (224 M/S Sityog Educational & Welfare Society, Patna Establishment of Engineering and Management College at Aurangabad. 3.20 56 16.11.09  Report-3 31225 M/S Protech Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd, Muzaffarpur. Establishment of 10,000 MT per year capacity Cold Storage at Paroo, Muzaffarpur. 4.82 26 16.11.09 11.02.10 226 M/S Kamla Agro Pvt. Ltd,  Banka Establishment of 6 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill, Husk Based Power Plant and 5000 MT capacity Warehouse at Amarpur, Banka. 11.47 100 16.11.09 11.02.10 227 M/S Ambo Exports Ltd, Kolkata (Company’s proposal approved by SIPB on 16.11.09 for establishment of 100 MT per day capacity Rice Bran Oil Extraction Plant at Aurangabad Industrial Area has been amended and consent has been given with condition for establishment of 500 MT per day capacity Rice Bran Oil Extraction Plant at Kahalgaon Industrial Area, Bhagalpur on 03.05.10.) Establishment of 500 MT per day capacity Rice Bran Oil Extraction Plant at Kahalgaon Industrial Area, Bhagalpur 25.00 114 16.11.09 03.05.10 228 M/S Bihar College of Education, Promoter- Nav Bharti Trust, Patna Establishment of Training College in the name and style of Bihar College of Education at Giddha Industrial Area, Ara.  1.0704 17 16.11.09 (Consent with condition (229 M/S Ashok Cattle and Poultry Feeds Pvt. Ltd, Darbhanga Establishment of 9600 MT per year capacity Cattle and Poultry Feed Unit at New Industrial Estate Bela, Darbhanga. 0.8922 18 16.11.09 11.02.10 230 M/S D.K. Agro Products, Turki, Muzaffarpur. Establishment of 60 Lakh Liter per year capacity Milk Processing Plant at Turki, Muzaffarpur. 2.15 80 16.11.09 (Consent with condition) 231 M/S Mirzanagar Gramodyog Sahyog Samiti Ltd, Hajipur. Establishment of Honey Processing  and Packaging Plant at Mahua, Hajipur. 1.166 14 23.11.09 25.05.10 232 M/S Ram Pukar Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd, Samastipur Establishment of 6500 MT capacity Cold Storage at Mohiuddin Nagar, Samastipur 5.2288 23 23.11.09 11.02.10 Report-3 32233 M/S Hrideshwari Jee Modern Rice Mill, Rohtas Establishment of 2 MT Per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill at Saleya, Akori Gola, Rohtas. 2.1283 15 23.11.09 11.02.10 234 M/S Maurya Foods Pvt. Ltd, East Champaran Establishment of 8134 MT Capacity Cold Storage under Rural Agri Business Centre at Mehsi, East Champaran. 5.93 37 23.11.09  235 M/S Shree Kalu Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd, Purnea. Establishment of 11000 MT Capacity Cold Storage under Rural Agri Business Centre  at Moranga Growth Centre, Purnea.6.0430 51 23.11.09 23.04.10 236 M/S Vaidyanath Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd, East Chamaran Establishment of 3500 TCD Sugar Mill and 12 MW Electric Co-generation Plant at Chakia,East Champaran. 175.00 277 23.11.09 (Consent with condition) 237 M/S Xavier’s Girls School, Muzaffarpur Establishment of 10+2 Level Xavier’s Girls School at Industrial Area, Bela, Muzaffarpur. 2.20 46 30.11.09  238 M/S Balajee Mini Steels & Rerolling Pvt. Ltd, Patna Establishment of 63000 MTA capacity Re-rolling Mill at Bihta-Maner Road, Patna 17.66 78 30.11.09 01.02.10 239 M/S Sivaani Agribusiness Pvt. Ltd, Gaya Establishment of 30 MT per day capacity Dal Mill at Dhanua, Dovi Road, Gaya. 3.00 20 30.11.09  240 M/S Sadafal Dev Agro Mills Pvt. Ltd, Dehri, Sasaram Establishment of 96 MT per day capacity Rice Mill at Kauwa, Dehri, Sasaram. 3.9618 45 30.11.09 11.03.10 241 M/S Gaurav Foods and Cool Connections Pvt. Ltd, Patna Establishment of 45000 MTA capacity Roller Flour Mill at Didarganj, Patna City4.8781 103 30.11.09 01.02.10 242 M/S SVJ Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Donar, Darbhanga. Establishment of 1(one) MT per day capacity Honey Processing unit at Donar, Dist.-Darbhanga1.236 22 30.11.09 21.12.10 243 M/S Jagran Institute of Management & Mass Communication, Patna. Proposal for establishment of Jagaran Institute of Management & Mass Communication at Bihta, Patna of M/S Shri Puran Chandra Gupta Smarak Trust, Kanpur   30.11.09  Report-3 33244 M/S Astonfield Renewable Resources Ltd, New Delhi Establishment of 300 MW Solar Power Plant(5-25 MW size) in first phase at Dist.-Gaya, Sasaram, etc and in second phase at Dist.-Muzaffarpur, Madhubani, West Champaran, Bhojpur and Patna, etc 4500.00 5000 30.11.09  245 M/S Ambo Exports Ltd, Kolkata Establishment of 1(one) Lakh MT per year capacity Maize Primary Processing, Drying, Sorting and Packaging unit at Kahalgaon Industrial Area, Bhagalpur. 17.00 27 07.12.09  246 M/S Great Value Foods, New Delhi Establishment of 60,000 MT per year capacity RTE(Ready to eat) Supplementary Nutrition Fortified Food unit in Bihar. 16.2903 179 07.12.09  247 M/S Om Shri Gramin Fodder Food Process Ltd, Patna (Company’s proposal approved on 07.12.09 for establishment of 1,53,600 MT per year capacity Modern Rice Mill at Phulwarisharif, Patna has been amended and approval has been given for the same project at Danapur, Patna in SIPB meeting held on 12.01.11) Establishment of 1,53,600 MT per year capacity Modern Rice Mill at Danapur, Patna. 10.14 101 07.12.09 12.01.11 (Consent with condition)248 M/S Okpet Construction & Services Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Establishment of 600 MT/Kilo Litre per year Fruit Pulp and Juice Processing unit at Simri, Darbhanga 1.1291 21 07.12.09  249 M/S Shree Shree Dwarikaji Foods Pvt. Ltd, Patna City. Proposal for capacity expansion from 24000 MT per year to 60000 MT per year in the existing Flour Mill at Karmali Chak, Bypass Road, Patna City.  3.77 50 21.12.09 06.01.11 250 M/S Sano Foods Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai. Proposal for establishment of 3434 MT capacity production unit of Vermicelli and Macroni at Danapur, Patna. 13.39 28 21.12.09  251 M/S Golden Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of Ice-cream and Dairy Products unit at Industrial Area, Hajipur. 1.96 37 21.12.09  Report-3 34252 M/S Balmukund Cement & Roofings Ltd, Kolkata Proposal for establishment of 1.5 Lakh MT capacity production unit of Asbestos Fiber Cement Sheet (Corrugated/Flat) and Accessories at Kanti, Muzaffarpur. 31.00 45 21.12.09  253 M/S Bhagwan Veer Hanuman Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd, Samastipur Proposal for establishment of 5000 MT capacity Cold Storage, 2 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill and Warehouse under RABC at Industrial Area, Harpur Alloth, Samastipur. 4.17 4 21.12.09  254 M/S Hamara Industries, Boring Road, Patna Proposal for establishment of 700 MT per year capacity Glucose-D Processing and Packaging unit from Dextrose Monohydrate (100% Maize product) at Industrial Area, Giddha. 2.55 50 21.12.09  255 M/S Bansal Biscuits Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata Proposal for establishment of 12,600 MT per year capacity Biscuit production unit at EPIP, Hajipur Industrial Area. 20.00 117 21.12.09 25.05.10 256 M/S Shyam Agro Foods & Exports Pvt. Ltd, Muzaffarpur Establishment of 650 MT per year capacity Ultra Modern Fruit and Vegetable Processing unit at Industrial Area, Bela, Muzaffarpur. 4.96 70 04.01.10 20.02.11 257 M/S Raghunandan Teachers Training College,  Promoter-Baba Educational Trust, Danapur, Patna. Establishment of B.Ed. Teachers Training College at Mathiyapur(Kali Asthan), Danapur, Patna. 1.00 30 04.01.10  258 M/S Glatt Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata Establishment of 3 MW Grid Connected Solar Photo Voltaic Power Project at Muzaffarpur/Purnea. 57.00 22 11.01.10  259 M/S Gokul Sericulture Production and Training Centre,        Gokul, Pilkhi, Muzaffarpur Establishment of Sericulture Production and Training Centre at Gokul, Pilkhi, Muzaffarpur  in the name of M/S Gokul Sericulture Production and Training Centre by M/S Maha Lakshmi Kripa Social and Educational Welfare Society, Muzaffarpur 2.53 65 11.01.10  Report-3 35260 M/S Abacus Holdings Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata. Establishment of 05-05 MW Grid Connected Solar Photo Voltaic Power Project at Muzaffarpur, Gaya, Bhagalpur and Purnea. 392.48 96 11.01.10  261 M/S Adhunik Metaliks Ltd, Kolkata (Company’s proposal approved by SIPB on 01.02.10 for establishment of 2.2 MTA Integrated Steel Plant at Industrial Growth Centre, Bhagalpur has been amended and consent has been given for establishment of 2.2 MTPA Integrated Steel Plant at Kahalgaon, Pirpainti Block, Bhagalpur.) Establishment of 2.2 MT PA capacity Integrated Steel Plant at Kahalgaon, Pirpainti Block, Bhagalpur. 5668.29 2187 01.02.10 03.05.10 262 M/S Bhojpur Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd, Bhojpur Establishment of 9600 MT per year capacity Rice Mill at Baradparva,         District.- Bhojpur 1.54 30 01.02.10 06.04.10 263 M/S Maa Durga Rice Mill, Madhubani. Establishment of 2400 MT per year capacity Rice Mill at Industrial Area, Pandaul, Madhubani. 0.4731 7 01.02.10 08.06.10 264 M/S Raj Agrochem Products Pvt. Ltd, Muzaffarpur. Establishment of 45000 MT per year capacity Poultry Feed and Cattle Feed Unit at Bochahan, Muzaffarpur. 5.39 41 01.02.10 16.04.10 265 M/S Maa Shitla Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd, Purnea. Establishment of 14,400 MT per year capacity Rice Mill at Growth Centre, Moranga, Purnea. 1.206 26 01.02.10 06.01.11 266 M/S Bihar Hotels Ltd, Patna. (Company’s earlier proposal approved by SIPB on 01.02.10 for establishment of Budget Hotel at Dehri-on-Sone has been amended and consent has been given with condition for establishment of 2-Star Hotel at Dehri-on-Sone on 19.04.10)  Establishment of 2-Star Hotel at Dehri-on-Sone. 4.79 49 01.02.10 19.04.10 (Consent with condition(Report-3 36267 M/S Prakash Udyog, Patna. Establishment of 1200 Kiloliter Fruit Drink, 12000 Kiloliter Packaged Drinking Water and 2400 Kiloliter Soda Water Production Plant at Industrial Area, Patliputra, Patna. 2.52 25 01.02.10268 M/S UAL Industries Ltd, Kolkata. (Company’s proposal approved by SIPB on 01.02.10 for establishment of 1,20,000 MT per year capacity Asbestos Cement and corrugated Sheets Plant at Bakhtiyarpur has been amended and consent has been given for establishment of 2,33,000 MT per year capacity Asbestos Cement Sheet, Corrugated Sheets Plant in two phases at Goraul, Vaishali in the name of UAL-Bihar in SIPB meeting held on 21.07.10) Establishment of 2,33,000 MT per year capacity Asbestos Cement Sheet and Corrugated Sheets Plant in two phases at Goraul, Vaishali in the name of UAL-Bihar 54.67 210 01.02.10 21.07.10269 M/S Oriental Group of Institutes, Bhopal Establishment of Engineering College at Patna 59.84 300 01.02.10 (Consent with condition(270 M/S Shobhnath Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd, Bhabhua. Establishment of 2 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill and 1000 MT capacity Warehouse at Kulhariya, Kaimur, Dist.-Bhabhua. 1.15 16 01.02.10 28.03.10 271 M/S G. C. Foods Pvt. Ltd, Muzaffarpur. Establishment of 960 MT per year capacity Puff and Fried Snacks Food unit at Industrial Estate, Bela, Muzaffarpur.  1.91 23 01.02.10272 M/S Satbhani Agro Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad. Establishment of 10 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill, 4 MT per hour capacity Sortex and Packaging unit, 7000 MT capacity Warehouse and 1.2 MW Husk based Power Plant at Aurangabad. 10.77 36 01.02.10Report-3 37273 M/S Kaimur Kohinur Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd, Kaimur. Establishment of 9600 MT per year capacity Rice Mill at Chand, Dist.- Kaimur. 1.53 14 01.02.10 23.04.10 274 M/S Shrawasthi Agrotech Pvt. Ltd, Lucknow. Establishment of 4500 MT capacity Poultry Feed unit at Giddha Growth Centre, Ara(Bhojpur). 6.18 30 01.02.10 04.02.11 275 M/S Milsha Agro Exports Pvt. Ltd,    Kolkata. Establishment of 500 MT capacity Multi Purpose Cold Storage, 10 MT Pre-cooling Room, 5 MT Pulp Processing Unit in Phase-1 and 1 MT Individual Quick Freezer in Phase-2  at Hajipur Industrial Estate. 5.60 41 15.02.10  276 M/S Badrinarayanji Agromills Pvt. Ltd, Sasaram. Establishment of 7 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill, 3000 MT capacity Warehouse at Usrawan, Cochas, Rohtas. 4.50 40 15.02.10 12.05.10 277 M/S Keshri Cold Storage Agro Products and Construction Pvt. Ltd, Rohtas. Establishment of 7000 MT (5000 MT Potato and 2000 MT Onion) capacity Cold Storage, 2 MT per hour Potato sorting/grading line, 2 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill and 4000 MT capacity Warehouse under R.A.B.C at Dhoudhad, Sasaram 7.17 11 15.02.10 23.04.10 278 M/S Gayatri Soya Food Products, Patna. Proposal for establishment of  Production unit of 960 Liter per day capacity Soya Milk and Paneer at Phulwarisharif, Patna 0.51 17 15.02.10  279 M/S Nilkanth Chawal Mills Pvt. Ltd,        Kolkata. Proposal for Modernisation of the existing unit of Rice Mill of 10,692 MT per year capacity at Ahiyapur, Konch, Gaya. 3.3634 19 15.02.10 25.05.10 280 M/S Comprehensive Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata. Establishment of 5 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill, 3 MT per hour capacity Sorting/ Packaging, Warehouse of 4500 MT and Husk Processing Gasifier unit at Banka, Bhagalpur. 6.10 14 22.02.10 23.07.10 Report-3 38281 M/S Sita Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd, Darbhanga Proposal for capacity expansion of existing Flour Mill from 100 MT per hour to 200 MT per hour at Donar Industrial Area, Darbhanga. 1.45 7 22.02.10 04.02.11 282 M/S Shivsagar Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd,  Nalanda Establishment of 14400 MT per year capacity Rice Mill at Deep Nagar, Maniyama Road, Nalanda. 2.05 33 22.02.10 08.06.10 283 M/S Champaran Agricon Pvt. Ltd, East Champaran (Motihari) Establishment of 64 MT per day capacity Rice Mill at Chandrahiya, Motihari. 2.29 45 22.02.10  284 M/S Auto Matrix Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for capacity expansion and Modernization of existing unit of Service Centre and Auto Parts at Patliputra Industrial Estate.  2.76 22 08.03.10 (Consent with condition) 285 M/S Kumar Tech Bio Products Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.  (Company’s proposal for establishment of 30 MW Rice Husk based Power Plant at Bodh Gaya, Gaya which was approved in SIPB meeting on 8.03.10,  has been  amended and approval has been given for same project at Kizarsarai Road, Gaya in SIPB meeting held on 29.11.10) Establishment of 30 MW Rice Husk based Power Plant at Kizarsarai Road, Gaya.  306.00 300 08.03.10 (Consent with condition) 29.11.10 (Consent with condition) 286 M/S Leela Anand Fertilizer & Chemicals Pvt.  Ltd, Patna Establishment of 60,000 MT  per year capacity N.P.K. Fertilizer unit at Ahiyapur, Turki, Muzaffarpur. 7.90 67 08.03.10 287 M/S Gokul Steels Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Establishment of Steel Rerolling Mill for production of 28,800 MT per year capacity Steel Bar and Rod at Khusrupur, Patna. 9.20 46 08.03.10 288 M/S Shree Vishnu Vishal Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd, Patna Establishment of 33,000 MT per year capacity Craft Paper and Paper Board and 3 MW Captive Power Plant at Industrial Area Growth Centre, Giddha 32.11 182 08.03.10 289 M/S Amrapali Biotech India Pvt. Ltd,Gaziabad, U.P. (Company’s proposal Establishment of 8825 MT per year capacity Tomato Ketchup, Pickles, Jam and 17.37 119 08.03.10  04.02.11 Report-3 39approved by SIPB on 08.03.10 for establishment of 2779 MT per year capacity Pickles and Corn Flakes unit at Industrial Area, Bela, Muzaffarpur has been amended and consent has been given for establishment of 8825 MT per year capacity Tomato Ketchup, Pickles, Jam and Jelly and Corn Flakes unit at Chabilapur, Rajgir in SIPB meeting held on 21.07.10)  Jelly and Corn Flakes unit at Chabilapur, Rajgir 21.07.10 290 M/S Amrit Cement Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata. Establishment of Cement Grinding unit of 6.60 Lakh MT per year capacity at Kahalgaon, Bhagalpur. 111.28 140 08.03.10 291 M/S Natraj Agro and Herbs Pvt. Ltd, NawadaEstablishment of 4 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill and 1200 MT Warehouse at Konchgaon, Warsaliganj, Nawada. 1.48 20 08.03.10 (Consent with condition) 25.05.10 292  M/S Binod ColdStorage Pvt. Ltd, BegusaraiEstablishment of 7000 MT capacity Cold Storage, Sorting/Grading of Potato and Agri Input Store under R.A.B.C. at Tilrath Devnath Industrial Area, Barauni, Begusarai. 5.48 20 08.03.10 (Consent with condition (06.01.11 293 M/S Rozy Food Processing Pvt. Ltd, Begusarai Proposal for capacity expansion of existing production unit of Spice Powder from 500 Kg per day to 1500 Kg per day at Tilrath Industrial Area, Barauni, Begusarai. 0.9423 15 08.03.10 (Consent with condition (294  M/S Sri Moti Pvt. Ltd., Chapra Proposal for establishment of 6500 MT capacity Cold Storage, 2 MT per hour Potato Grading Line, Weighing Line-1, 500 MT Agri Input Godown and 600 MT capacity Warehouse unit under R.A.B.C at Khalpura, Motinagar, Chapra. 5.61 20 23.03.10  295  M/S Uttri Bihar Milk Food Company Pvt. Ltd., Begusarai Proposal for establishment of 30,140 MT per year capacity Pasteurized Milk, Chhena, Curd, Paneer, Milk Cake and Khoa production unit at Begusarai 0.7385 20 23.03.10Report-3 40296  M/S Ambo Exports Ltd, Kolkata Proposal for establishment of 35 MT per day capacity Biscuit production unit at Kahalgaon Industrial Area, Bhagalpur. 17.50 204 23.03.10297  M/S Yashoda Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Fatuha, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 3000 Liters per hour capacity Packaged Drinking Water unit at Fatuha Industrial Area, Patna. 1.00 24 23.03.10 (Consent with condition)298 M/S Maa Mundeshwari Agro Mills Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad. Proposal for establishment of 4 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill and 1000 MT Warehouse at Growth Centre, Aurangabad.  2.59 30 23.03.10299 M/S Hindustan   Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Haryana  Proposal for establishment of Coca Cola Green Field Project for the production of  Aerated Drinks, Soft Drinks, other Non-alcoholic Beverage, Fruit  Juice/ Fruit Based Drinks and Packaged Drinking Water at Industrial Area, Bihta, Patna.  100.00 100 23.03.10 (Consent with condition)300 M/S Mega Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd, Jehanabad Proposal for establishment of 3 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill at Algana, Jehanabad. 1.17 10 23.03.10301 M/S Rainbow Products Pvt. Ltd, Patna. (Company’s proposal approved by SIPB on 19.04.10 for establishment of 28,800 MT per year capacity Rice Mill at Mahuli Road, Karmalichak, Patna City, Patna has been amended and consent has been given for establishment of 14,400 MT per year capacity Rice Mill at the same place.) Proposal for establishment of 14,400 MT per year Capacity Rice Mill Unit at Mahuli Road, Karmalichak, Patna City. 3.11 23 19.04.10 27.08.10 04.02.11 302 M/S Gulshan Polyols Ltd, Delhi Proposal for establishment of Maize Processing unit for the production of Sorbitol-10,000 MT per year, Dextrose  Monohydrate – 20,000 MT per year, Fructose Powder- 5,000 MT per year, Liquid Glucose- 30,000 MT per year and Lysine- 30,000 MT per year capacity from Maize at Begusarai.  427.00 250 19.04.10  Report-3 41303 M/S Aditya Food Products, Ara(Bhojpur) Proposal for establishment of 21,600 MT per year capacity Flour Mill in partnership at Giddha, Ara. 1.43 36 19.04.10  304 M/S Harinagar Sugar Mills Ltd, Harinagar. Proposal for establishment of 14.5 MW new Power Project at Bagaha, Harinagar. 77.50 29 19.04.10 (Consent with condition) 305 M/S Terai Ispat Ltd,  Siliguri. Proposal for establishment of two Induction Furnace of 15 MT,(Steel Melting Shop 1,05,000 MT per year) 99684 MT per year capacity Re-rolling Mill and 12 MW Captive Power Plant at Banka 149.88 697 19.04.10 (Consent with condition) 306 M/S Durga Agronomy Pvt. Ltd, Darbhanga. Proposal for establishment of 8 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill and 2000 MT capacity Warehouse at Donar Industrial Area, Darbhanga. 3.87 30 19.04.10  307 M/S Shree Shyam Kutir Udyog, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 480 MT per year capacity Spice Powder and Besan Udyog at Industrial Estate, Bela, Muzaffarpur in proprietorship.  0.3273 15 19.04.10  308 M/S Kunwar Apiary Pvt. Ltd, Gaya. Proposal for establishment of 10 MT per day capacity Honey Processing unit at Janakpur, Buniyadganj. 1.41 20 19.04.10 06.01.11 309 M/S Shiv Shakti Agriproducts and Rice Industries Pvt. Ltd, East Champaran. Proposal for establishment of 05 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill at Gamaharia, Raxaul. 2.81 52 19.04.10 21.12.10 310 M/S Kumar Industries, Darbhanga Proposal for establishment of 150 MT per year capacity Noodle Production unit at Industrial Area, Bela, Darbhanga in proprietorship. 0.1681 10 19.04.10  311 M/S Moti Babu Institute of Technology,          New Delhi. Proposal for establishment of Engineering College at Forbesganj, Araria. 14.66 65 19.04.10 (Consent with condition) Report-3 42312 M/S Ambe Kamakhya Agronomy Pvt. Ltd, Begusarai Proposal for establishment of 5000 MT per year capacity Cold Storage under Rural Agri Business Centre at Bakhri Bazar, Begusarai. 3.91 20 19.04.10 (Consent with condition) 06.01.11 313 M/S Britannia Industries Ltd, Bangalore(Karnataka) Proposal for establishment of 50,000 MT per year capacity Bakery Product and production of Biscuit at E.P.I.P., Hajipur. 55.00 330 19.04.10  314 M/S Hyderabad Industries Ltd, Hyderabad. Proposal for establishment of 2,50,000 MT per year capacity Asbestos Cement Sheeting Plant in two Phases at Kumarbagh Industrial Area, West Champaran. 80.00 600 19.04.10  315 M/S Sonamoti Agrotech Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 28,800 MT per year capacity Rice Mill at Mahuli Road, Karmalichak, Patna City. 6.27 41 03.05.10 04.02.11 316 M/S Creation Agro Processing Industries, Bhagalpur. Proposal for establishment of 1500 MT per year capacity Chura(Pressed Rice) Mill at Barari Industrial Area, Bhagalpur in proprietorship. 0.46 12 03.05.10  317 M/S Radhika Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 36,000 MT capacity Flour Mill for production of Maida, Atta, Suzi and Chokar at Sikandarpur, Bihta. 5.84 55 03.05.10  318 M/S Khilani Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd, Hajipur. Proposal for establishment of 12.73 Crore pieces per year capacity Preform Pet Bottle’s unit at E.P.I.P. Hajipur. 15.77 25 03.05.10  319 M/S Jaya Nutritions Pvt. Ltd, Deedarganj Patna City. Proposal for establishment of 80 MT per day capacity Roller Flour Mill at Deedarganj, Patna City. 5.65 42 03.05.10 23.07.10 320 M/S Riya Chakraborty Food Processing Pvt. Ltd, Bhagalpur. Proposal for establishment of 01 MT per hour capacity Fruit Processing Unit and Tomato Juice Plant at Industrial Area, Barari, Bhagalpur. 0.99 20 03.05.10 (Consent with condition) 321 M/S Arisson Power Ltd, Kolkata Proposal for establishment of 1320 MW Coal Based Thermal Power Plant at Prabhawati Nagar, Banka. 7260.00 145 24.05.10  Report-3 43322 M/S Pashupati Roller Flour Mill Pvt. Ltd, East Champaran. Proposal for establishment of 100 MT per day capacity Roller Flour Mill at Bela Industrial Area, Muzaffarpur. 5.60 30 24.05.10323 M/S Shimla Horticulture Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata. Proposal for establishment of 1000 MT per year capacity Multipurpose Cold Storage at EPIP, Hajipur. 15.66 400 24.05.10324 M/S Aarna Foods Pvt. Ltd, Patna City. Proposal for capacity expansion from 4500 MT to 9600 MT per year capacity in the existing Rice Mill at Deedarganj, Patna City. 2.95 7 24.05.10 04.02.11 325 M/S Sunasi Food and Beverages Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for production of 60 Lac Liters per year capacity Fruit Juice at Industrial Area, Giddha, Ara. 2.00 70 24.05.10326 M/S Green Valliey Industries Ltd, Shillong  Proposal for establishment of 1 Million Ton per year capacity Cement Grinding unit at Industrial Growth Centre,Kahalgaon,Bhagalpur 120 200 24.05.10327 M/S Sandeep Sijol Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai Proposal for Generation of Electricity from 3 MW Solar Photo Voltaic Modules at Madhubani / Samastipur / Vaishali.    57.00 23 24.05.10328 M/S A Infrastructure Ltd, Rajasthan (Company’s proposal for change of place from Industrial Area, Kumarbagh, Bettiah to Pandaul Industrial Area, Madhubani has been approved in SIPB meeting held on 07.09.10) Proposal for establishment of 1,25,000 MT per year capacity A.C. Sheet and 1,00,000 MT per year capacity A.C. Pressure Pipe at Pandaul Industrial Area, Madhubani.  91.65 352 24.05.10 07.09.10329 M/S Ruby Rahul Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd, Patna City. Proposal for establishment of 3 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill and 1000 MT capacity Warehouse at Giddha Industrial Area, Ara. 0.72 9 24.05.10330 M/S Kisan Food Processing Udyog, Darbhanga. Proposal for establishment of 2 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill, 01 MT per hour capacity Rice Flakes and 0.5 MT per hour capacity Corn Flakes unit in proprietorship at New Industrial Area, Bela, Darbhanga. 0.9089 30 24.05.10Report-3 44331 M/S Maa Tara Water Products, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 120 Lac Liters per year capacity Packaged Drinking Water unit in partnership at Dashratha, Patna.  0.8522 24 24.05.10332 M/S Aquadolphin Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 72 Lac Liters per year capacity Packaged Drinking Water unit at Babhanpura,  Phulwarisharif, Patna. 1.0161 13 24.05.10333 M/S Patliputra Educational and Welfare Foundation, Patna. Proposal for establishment of Educational Institute of Engineering and Polytechnic College in two phases at Islampur, Nalanda. 30.00 150 24.05.10334 M/S City Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd, Patna. (Company’s proposal approved by SIPB on 24.05.10 for establishment of 3000 MT per year capacity Rolling Mill at Bihta, Patna has been amended and consent has been given for establishment of 30,000 MT per year capacity Rolling Mill at Bihta, Patna in SIPB meeting held on 29.06.10) Proposal for establishment of 30,000 MT per year capacity Rolling Mill at Bihta, Patna. 7.72 44 24.05.10 29.06.10335 M/S Ganga Dairy Ltd, Begusarai Proposal for Capacity Expansion from 10 MT per day to 40 MT per day in the existing Milk Processing unit at Begusarai. 10.30 65 08.06.10  336 M/S Royal Manucon Pvt Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 120 Lac Liters per year capacity Packaged Drinking Water unit at Industrial Area, Hajipur. 1.45 20 08.06.10337 M/S Diwakar Solar Projects Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad. Proposal for establishment of 15 MW Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plant at Kumarbagh Industrial Estate, Bettiah. 253.50 15 08.06.10338 M/S Howrah Mills Company Ltd., Howrah Proposal for establishment of 05 MW Rice Husk Based Power Plant at Barsoni, Purnea. 28.50 25 08.06.10Report-3 45339 M/S Mohini Oil Mills, Nalanda. Proposal for establishment of 15 Lac Liters per year capacity Mustard Oil Extraction Plant at Hilsa, Nalanda in Partnership. 0.48 14 08.06.10340 M/S Maruti Nandan Food Products Pvt. Ltd, Ara Proposal for establishment of 250 MT per day capacity Roller Flour Mill at Giddha Industrial Area, Ara. 12.38 60 08.06.10 26.07.10 341 M/S Global Powmin Ltd., Kolkata Proposal for establishment of 2640(4×660) MW Coal Based Thermal Power Project at Sirdala, Nawada. 14908.40  400 08.06.10342 M/S Vishwanath Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 60 MT per day capacity Modern Maize Mill at Kudhani, Muzaffarpur 4.60  35 29.06.10 04.02.11 343 M/S Lavanya Finvest Pvt Ltd, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 36,000 MT per year capacity Pale-G and Pare Namkin Biscuit production unit at Industrial Area, Bela, Muzaffarpur.  22.70  434 29.06.10  344 M/S Kanishka Agro Foods Pvt Ltd, Begusarai. Proposal for establishment of 40,000 MT per year capacity Cattle and Poultry Feed unit at Industrial Area, Barauni. 4.70  36 29.06.10  345 M/S Himalayan Vegefruit Ltd, Chandigarh.  Proposal for establishment of 2000 MT per year capacity Fruit Processing unit at Industrial Estate, Muzaffarpur. 18.00  150 29.06.10346 M/S Akanksha Foods Pvt Ltd, Patna City, patna. Proposal for establishment of 21,600 MT per year capacity Flour and Bran production unit at E.P.I.P. , Hajipur. 6.10  67 29.06.10347 M/S J. K. Aqua Industries, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 120 Lac Liters per year capacity Packaged Drinking Water unit at Banaras Bank Chowk, Muzaffarpur in proprietorship.  0.98  10 29.06.10348 M/S Peerage Buildtech Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi. Proposal for establishment of 8400 MT per year capacity Noodle production unit at Industrial Area, Hajipur. 6.16  62 29.06.10Report-3 46349 M/S Paras Agro Foods, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 54000 MT per year capacity Makhana Processing and Packaging unit at Bela Industrial Estate, Muzaffarpur in proprietorship.  0.2676  12 29.06.10350 M/S Siddhi Refoils & Industries Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata. Proposal for establishment of 75,000 MT per year capacity Edible Oil Refinery Plant and 1000 KVA Captive Power Plant at Akbar Malahi, Lalganj, Vaishali.  49.50  130 29.06.10351 M/S Nawneet Raj Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd, Ara. Proposal for establishment of 2.5 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill and 1000 MT Warehouse at Ariaon, Dumraon, Buxar. 1.54  20 29.06.10352 M/S Oriental Crafts Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd , Guwahati, Assam. Proposal for establishment of 40,000 MT per year capacity Maize based Cattle Feed and Poultry Feed production unit at Bela Industrial Area, Muzaffarpur.  4.45  36 21.07.10  353 M/S Ambo Exports Ltd, Kolkata Proposal for establishment of 200 MT per day capacity Modern Rice Mill unit at Kahalgaon Industrial Area, Bhagalpur. 17.50  114 21.07.10  354 M/S Ambo Exports Ltd, Kolkata Proposal for establishment of 18,000 MT per year capacity Maize Starch Production Unit at Kahalgaon Industrial Area, Bhagalpur. 16.12  114 21.07.10  355 M/S Anmol Feeds Pvt. Ltd, Muzaffarpur Proposal for capacity expansion from 36000 MT per year capacity to 81000 MT per year capacity in the existing unit of Cattle and Poultry Feed at Bela Industrial Area, Muzaffarpur. 3.39  55 21.07.10  356 M/S Shree Saibaba Plasto Products Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata. Proposal for establishment of 1914 MT per year capacity Plastic Molded unit at E.P.I.P. , Hajipur.  5.62  40 21.07.10  357 M/S Kumar Infratrade Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 135 rooms Five Star Hotel at Exhibition Road, 48.34  50 21.07.10 Report-3 47(Approval has been given for 135 rooms Five Star Hotel in place of 84 rooms in SIPB meeting held on 25.02.11) Patna. 25.02.11 358 M/S Keventer Food Park Infra Ltd,  Kolkata. Proposal for establishment of Food Park at Kahalgaon Industrial Area, Bhagalpur. 75.33  425 21.07.10  359 M/S Maa Sarswati Modern Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of  6 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill and 1000 MT Warehouse at Bhagwatipur More, Bihta, Patna. 01.55  45 21.07.10 06.01.11 360 M/S AKS Fashion News Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 900 MT per year capacity Banana & Bamboo Fiber Yarns unit at Hajipur. 2.06  120 21.07.10  361 M/S Dharti Agro Food Products, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of  24 MT per day capacity Flour Mill at Bela Industrial Area, Muzaffarpur in Partnership. 0.8748  32 21.07.10  362 M/S Mirach Power Pvt. Ltd,  Hyderabad. Proposal for establishment of 1320 MW (2x660MW) coal based Thermal Power Plant at Lakhisarai. 7359.60  600 11.08.10 (Consent  inprinciple) 363 M/S Mars Mountain Securities and Trade Pvt. Ltd,  Fatuha Proposal for establishment of 75 lac liters per year capacity Packaged Drinking Water unit at Fatuha Industrial Area. 2.08  25 11.08.10  364 M/S S.S.K. Enterprises, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 2000 Liters per hour Packaged Drinking Water at Shyambabu Road, Andigola, Muzaffarpur in proprietorship.  0.9177  22 11.08.10  365  M/S Pawan Rice Industries,  Gopalganj Proposal for establishment of 6 MT per hour Modern Rice Mill and 1000 MT Warehouse at Madhomath, Kuchaikot, Gopalganj in partnership. 0.9892  21 11.08.10 04.02.11 366 M/S Vindhya Steel Pvt. Ltd,  Patna Proposal for establishment of 6000 MT per year capacity Clod Briquetted Iron production unit at Giddha Growth Centre, Ara.   5.00  100 11.08.10  Report-3 48367 M/S Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology,  Patna. Proposal for establishment of new syllabus for M.Tech., M.B.A. in Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Amhara, Bihta, Patna. 25.12  11.08.10  368 M/S Lakhan Aqua Enterprises Pvt. Ltd,  Patna. Proposal for establishment of 120 lac liters per year capacity Packaged Drinking Water unit at Khusrupur, Patna. 0.8546  15 11.08.10 04.02.11 369 M/S Aqua Honey Industries,  Darbhanga. Proposal for establishment of 72 lac liters per year capacity Packaged Drinking Water unit at Donar Industrial Area, Dharbhanga in partnership. 0.6896  24 11.08.10  370 M/S Bihar Ma Durga Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd,  Patna. Proposal for establishment of 8 MT per hour Modern Rice Mill unit at Pandaul Industrial Area, Madhubani. 5.00  30 11.08.10  371 M/S AES Patliputra Energy Pvt. Ltd,  Gurgaon, Haryana. (Approved proposal of M/S AES India Pvt. Ltd on 11.08.10 for establishment of 1320 MW (2×660 MW) coal based Thermal Power Plant at Jagdishpur, Bhagalpur has been approved in the name of M/S AES Patliputra Energy Pvt. Ltd in SIPB meeting held on 25.02.11) Proposal for establishment of 1320 MW (2×660 MW) coal based Thermal Power Plant at Jagdishpur, Bhagalpur. 8120.00  300 11.08.10 (Consent  inprinciple) 25.02.11 372 M/S Champaran Agri Park Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata. Proposal for establishment of Food Park at Bairia, Motihari. 132.14  1140 11.08.10  373 M/S Cruinne Edulac Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of Kautilya International Business School in Bihta Industrial Mega Park, Patna. 130.60  290 11.08.10 (Consent with condition) 374 M/S Sona Biscuits Ltd,  Kolkata Proposal for establishment of 15000 MT per year capacity Biscuit production unit at E.P.I.P., Hajipur. 26.51  219 13.08.10  375 M/S PI Systems Pvt. Ltd,  Patna. Proposal for establishment of Information Technology unit at Patliputra. 1.02  12 13.08.10  Report-3 49376 M/S S.K. Gupta Rice Mill,  Banka. Proposal for establishment of 3 MT pre hour Rice Mill, 500 MT Warehouse, Husk Based Gasifier D.G. Set at  Rajbandh, Dhoraiya, Banka in partnership. 0.73  5 13.08.10  377 M/S Sai Sachidanand Agrotech Pvt. Ltd, Jamshedpur. Proposal for establishment of 3 MT per hour Rice Mill at Khera, Darbhanga. 2.71  20 13.08.10  378 M/S Sushila Food Product,  Gaya. Proposal for establishment of 900 MT per year capacity Vermicelli, Chowmien, Gold Finger and Fryums industry at Bhagwanpur, Baiju Bigaha, Gaya in partnership. 1.04  15 13.08.10  379 M/S Aarcee Foods, Aurangabad. Proposal for establishment of 300 MT per year capacity Spices Grinding, Spice Blending and Packaging unit at Industrial Area, Aurangabad in proprietorship. 0.7569  25 13.08.10  380 M/S Mcore Foods Pvt. Ltd, Purnea. Proposal for establishment of 3000 MT per year capacity Rice Mill, 4000 MT per year capacity Colour Sorting, Grading and Packing and 950 MT per year capacity Grinding and packing unit at Growth Centre, Moranga, Purnea. 1.60  50 13.08.10  381 M/S Blue Heavens Agro Industries Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 1,20,000,00 Liters per year capacity Packaged Drinking Water at Chhotki Chanda, Koilwar, Bhojpur. 1.0087  17 13.08.10  382 M/S Alok Harsh Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd,  Danapur, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 4 MT per hour Modern Rice Mill at Giddha Industrial Area, Koilwar, Ara. 2.0970  42 13.08.10  383 M/S Tirupati Sugars Ltd, West Champaran. Proposal for modernisation and capacity expansion from 2500 TCD to 5000 TCD in the existing Sugar Mill at Bagaha, West Champaran.  144.90  451 13.08.10 (Consent  inprinciple) Report-3 50384 M/S Narayani Packaging Pvt. Ltd, Patna City, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 2400 MT per year capacity Corrugated Box production unit at E.P.I.P., Hajipur. 4.51  51 13.08.10  385 M/S Prince Masala Company,  Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 450 MT per year capacity Spices and Spice Blends Manufacturing and Packaging unit at Muzaffarpur in proprietorship. 0.1249  25 13.08.10  386 M/S Skand Agri Power Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of Biomass Based Power Plant of 7.5 MW each at Dehri, Rohtas and Industrial Area, Kahalgaon, Bhagalpur.  92.63  60 27.08.10  387 M/S Avant Garde   Re-Energy Ltd, Kolkata. Proposal for establishment of 10 MW Solar PV Power Plant unit at Bhojpur/Saran/Bhabhua. 160.00  31 27.08.10  388 M/S Pransukhka Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd, Purnea. Proposal for establishment of 6000 MT Modern Multi Products Cold Storage unit under R.A.B.C. at Gulab Bagh, Purnea. 6.73  138 27.08.10  389 M/S Krishna Rice & Polisher Mills, Kaimur. Proposal for Modernisation after establishment of 3 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill in proprietorship in place of existing 1 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill at Bhopatpur,Mohania, Kaimur. 1.15  20 27.08.10  390 M/S Minakshi Rural Agri Business Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 10,000 MT Modern Multi Purpose Cold Storage at Chandpur, Baligaon, Patepur, Vaishali. 9.56  40 27.08.10 20.02.11 391 M/S Vijay Laxmi Dal Mill, Purnea. Proposal for establishment of 1 MT per hour Dal Mill unit in proprietorship at Industrial Growth Centre, Purnea. 97.38  16 27.08.10  392 M/S Prasad Refrigeration and Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd, East Champaran. Proposal for establishment of 2500 TCD (expandable up to 5000 TCD) Sugar Mill and 5 MW Co-generation Plant at Sataha, Nauadih, Paharpur, East Champaran. 129.33  205 27.08.10  Report-3 51393 M/S Jhunjhunwala Oil Mills Ltd, Varanasi. Proposal for establishment of 8 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill at Bangra, Kudra, Kaimur, Bhabhua. 19.00  125 27.08.10 04.02.11 394 M/S Bluestar Cement Ltd, Varanasi. Proposal for production of 3,00,000 MT per year capacity Portland Pozzolana Cement unit at Karamnasha, Kaimur, Bhabhua. 27.75  42 27.08.10  395 M/S Ripuraj Agro Pvt. Ltd, Raxaul, East Champaran. Proposal for establishment of 04 MT per hour Modern Rice Mill and 1000 MT Warehouse unit at Amodei, Ramgadhwa, East Champaran. 2.20  19 27.08.10  396 M/S Mangal Deep Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd, Motihari, East Champaran. Proposal for establishment of 3 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill, 1000 MT Warehouse at Ekdari, Chaura Dano, East Champaran. 1.3782  44 27.08.10  397 M/S Lumbini Beverages Pvt. Ltd, Hajipur. Proposal for capacity expansion from 39971250 Liters per year capacity to 67971250 Liters per year capacity and Modernisation in the existing unit of manufacturing of PET Bottle, Aerated Water and Juice Based Drinks at E.P.I.P, Hajipur. 31.89  220 27.08.10  398 M/S Shree Tel Fab Industries Pvt. Ltd, Hajipur. Proposal for capacity expansion from 5000 MT per year capacity to 10,616 MT per year capacity in the existing unit of P.V.C. Pipe and P.V.C. Filter at Industrial Area, Vaishali, Hajipur.  1.35  53 27.08.10  399 M/S Green Horsepower Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi. Proposal for establishment of 7.5 MW Biomass based Power Plant at three placesSasaram (Rohtas), Harnaut (Nalanda), Rafiganj (Aurangabad) and 10 MW Biomass based Power Plant at two places- Vaishali (Dist.-Vaishali), Begusarai (Dist.-Begusarai),  191.25  225 29.11.10 (Consent with condition) Report-3 52400 M/S Raunak Trade & Agencies Pvt. Ltd, Farbisganj, Araria. Proposal for production of 600 MT per year capacity PVC Rigid Pipe, 567.54 MT per year capacity IceCream Cone, Wafer Biscuit and 6000 MT per year capacity Laundry and Toilet Soap at Industrial Area, Farbisganj, Araria. 7.9576  141 29.11.10  401 M/S Godrej Agrovet Ltd, Mumbai. Proposal for production of 84000 MT per year capacity of Cattle and Poultry Feed at EPIP, Hajipur, Vaishali. 17.05  220 29.11.10  402 M/S Om Shree Gramodyog Food Process Co-operative Society Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 24 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill at Danapur Biscuit Factory Road, Nasriganj, Patna. 7.54  101 29.11.10  403 M/S MMMJ Food Processing Industry, Madhubani. Proposal for establishment of 12 MT per year capacity Makhana Processing unit in proprietorship at Mahtoregoth, Mahadeomath, Madhubani. 0.20  16 29.11.10  404 M/S Bihar Spices & Foods, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 40 MT per year capacity Spice Processing and Packaging  unit in proprietorship at Bela Industrial Area, Muzaffarpur. 0.25  8 29.11.10  405 M/S Devlok Agro and Beverages Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 96 Lac Liters per year capacity Packaged Drinking Water unit at Hajipur. 1.58  32 29.11.10  406 M/S Aroma Feeds Pvt. Ltd, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 12000 MT per year capacity Cattle Feed unit at Kanti, Muzaffarpur. 1.1937  22 29.11.10  407 M/S Kumar Sunil Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Bettiah. Proposal for establishment of 40 Lac Liters per year capacity Fruit based Beverage Juice, 120 Lac Liters per year capacity Beverage Packaged Drinking Water and 10 Lac Liters per year capacity Soda Water unit at Bettiah. 3.93  40 29.11.10  Report-3 53408 M/S Gauri Mangla Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd, Kaimur, Bhabhua. Proposal for establishment of 6000 MT Cold Storage at Mukhrao, Kuchila, Kaimur, Bhabhua. 3.60  13 29.11.10  409 M/S Saumya Industries,  Darbhanga. Proposal for establishment of 45 Lac Liters per year capacity Packaged Drinking Water/Mineral Water unit in proprietorship at Bela Industrial Area, Darbhanga. 1.0028  25 29.11.10  410 M/S Mishti Raj Foods Pvt. Ltd, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 2600 Kilo Liter per year capacity Packaged Drinking Water unit at Industrial Area, Bela, Muzaffarpur. 1.3227  19 29.11.10  411 M/S Elegance Power and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, Patna.  Proposal for establishment of 05 MW Biomass based Power Plant at Pandaul Industrial Area, Madhubani. 20.00  10 29.11.10  412 M/S Elegance Power and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for production of 60 Lac CFL Bulb and LED Lights at Giddha Industrial Area, Ara. 08.00  48 29.11.10  413 M/S Star Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 150 MT per day capacity Flour Mill at Pandaul Industrial Area, Madhubani. 9.3375  72 29.11.10  414 M/S Samras Products Pvt. Ltd, Sitamarhi Proposal for establishment of 37 Thousand Liters per day capacity Edible Oil Packing unit at Industrial Area, Sitamarhi. 4.35  10 29.11.10  415 M/S Agro Industries, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 55,200 MT per year capacity Poultry Feed unit in proprietorship at Industrial Estate, Bela, Muzaffarpur. 7.0727  123 29.11.10  416 M/S Vina Paras Modern Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd, Kaimur, Bhabhua. Proposal for establishment of 12 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill unit at Bhabhua, Kaimur. 14.2378  83 29.11.10  417 M/S Gangotri Holy Products Pvt. Ltd, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 72 Thousand MT per year capacity Cattle Feed unit at Industrial Estate, Bela, Muzaffarpur. 5.9690  41 29.11.10  Report-3 54418 M/S Ambey Rice Mill, Bettiah. Proposal for establishment of 3 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill unit in proprietorship at Industrial Area, Kumarbagh, Bettiah. 0.8725  30 29.11.10  419 M/S Chanakya Foods India Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 9000 MT per year capacity Turmeric & Ginger Processing unit, Ginger Garlic Paste Manufacturing unit, Spice Grinding and Packing unit, 10 Thousand MT capacity of Multi Purpose Cold Storage and 6000 MT capacity Modified Packing of Fresh Fruits and Vegetable unit at Khokshaha, Bibhutipur, Dist.-Samastipur. 8.45  60 29.11.10  420 M/S Sri Dewanjee Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd, Rohtas. Proposal for establishment of 4 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill at Nokha, Rohtas. 1.4697  20 29.11.10  421 M/S Bhojpur High Tech Agro Products Pvt. Ltd,  Ara. Proposal for establishment of 05 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill, 1000 MT capacity Warehouse and 200 KW Gasifier unit at Sakhua, Udwantnagar, Ara. 1.2155  30 29.11.10  422 M/S Shirdi Foods Pvt. Ltd, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 1650 MT per year capacity Sugar Candy Manufacturing and Packing unit at Bela Industrial Estate, Muzaffarpur. 1.1965  17 29.11.10 423 M/S Nutan Bhabya Rural Agro Solution Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 3000 MT Warehouse, 01 MT per hour Multi Grading Line and Packing unit under R.A.B.C at Industrial Area, Fatuha, Patna. 1.0057  20 29.11.10 (Consent with condition) 424 M/S Green Earth Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd, Sitamarhi. Proposal for establishment of  03 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill unit at Industrial Area, Sitamarhi. 1.19  25 12.01.11  425 M/S Bhaskar Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad. Proposal for establishment of 04 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill, 1000 MT Warehouse and 125 KVA Gasifier at Biratpur, Malitola, Aurangabad. 1.5392  35 12.01.11  Report-3 55426 M/S Tathagata Bio Energy Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, Haryana. (On request of M/S Emergent Ventures India Pvt. Ltd for its Gaya project  approval has been given to its new subsidiary  company namely M/S Tathagata Bio Energy Pvt. Ltd for establishment of 12 MW Biomass based Power Plant at Vill-Churi, Dist.-Gaya in SIPB meeting held on 12.01.11) Proposal for establishment of 12 MW Biomass based Power Plant at Churi, Dist.- Gaya.  52.00  50 12.01.11  427 M/S Jira Devi Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 6000 MT capacity Cold Storage at Balipakar, Paliganj, Patna. 4.6121  40 12.01.11 (Consent with condition)428 M/S Anubhav Agro Processing Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 500 MT per year capacity Fruit and Vegetable Processing unit at Baghikariho, Supaul. 0.5117  15 12.01.11429 M/S KKK Biomass Power Pvt. Ltd,  Faridabad, Haryana. Proposal for establishment of 02 MW Biomass based Power Plant at Industrial Area, Purnea. 11.00  50 12.01.11 (Consent with condition)430 M/S Satyam Agrofood Industries Pvt. Ltd, West Bengal. Proposal for establishment of 02 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill at Bulachak, Kalyanpur, East Champaran. 3.5933  59 12.01.11431 M/S M.B. Tiles & Constructions Pvt. Ltd, Bhubneshwar. Proposal for establishment of 22,50,000 number Pavers, Designers and Wall Tiles production unit at Industrial Growth Centre, Purnea. 1.2516  31 12.01.11432 M/S Swastik Refinery Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata. Proposal for establishment of 31000 MT per year capacity Oil and Banaspati (Hydrogenated) and Vegetable Oil and Fats(other than Hydrogenated) production unit at Kahalgaon Industrial Area, Bhagalpur. 30.00  114 12.01.11Report-3 56433 M/S Krishna & Fula Industries,  Bettiah, West Champaran. Proposal for establishment of 15,000 MT per year capacity Poultry Feed/Cattle Feed unit at Kumarbagh, Bettiah in Partnership. 0.8477  26 12.01.11434 M/S Anand Feeds Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 15,000 MT per year capacity Poultry Feed unit at Industrial Area, Fatuha, Patna. 1.5424  60 12.01.11435 M/S Plant Insecticides Industries, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 1200 MT per year capacity Insecticides and Pesticides production unit at Industrial Area, Fatuha, Patna in partnership.  1.5355  31 12.01.11436 M/S Maruti Nandan PU Foams Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 300 MT per year capacity PU Foam (Polyurethane Foam) production unit at Industrial Area, Fatuha, Patna. 1.4797  25 12.01.11437 M/S Jaikrishna Steel Pvt. Ltd, Rajendra Nagar, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 22,500 MT per year capacity Rolling Mill at Industrial Area, Fatuha, Patna. 5.00  60 12.01.11438 M/S Mahadeva Feeds Industries, Raxual, East Champaran. Proposal for establishment of 3600 MT per year capacity Poultry Feed unit at Industrial Area, Raxaul in proprietorship. 1.1448  21 12.01.11439 M/S Khushi Polypack Pvt. Ltd, Muzaffarpur. Proposal for establishment of 672 MT per year capacity Disposable Glasses and Cup unit at Industrial Area, Muzaffarpur. 3.1372  44 12.01.11440 M/S Maa Shyama Rice Mills, Darbhanga. Proposal for establishment of 01 MT per hour capacity Rice Mill unit at Industrial Area, Bela, Darbhanga in proprietorship. 0.508  10 12.01.11441 M/S M.B. Organics Pvt. Ltd, Purnea. Proposal for establishment of 2400 MT per year capacity Soya Bari and Finger Strip Bari production unit at Industrial Area, Purnea. 0.9628  30 12.01.11 (Consent with condition)442 M/S Supermax Foods Pvt. Ltd, Dwarka, New Delhi. Proposal for establishment of 2.34 MT per year capacity Fruit and Vegetable Processing unit at Radhanagar, Mushari, Muzaffarpur. 0.297  20 12.01.11Report-3 57443 M/S Shubham Consumer Product, Sabour, Bhagalpur. :Proposal for establishment of 72 Lacs Liters per year capacity Drinking Mineral Water unit at Industrial Area, Barari, Sabour, Bhagalpur in proprietorship. 0.73  12 12.01.11 (Consent with condition)444 M/S Mundeshwari Bio Energy Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, Haryana. (On request of M/S Emergent Ventures India Pvt. Ltd for  its Kaimur project  approval has been given to  new SPV company namely M/S Mundeshwari Bio Energy Pvt. Ltd for establishment of 12 MW Biomass based Power Plant at Kaimur, Bhabhua  in SIPB meeting held on 12.01.11)Proposal for establishment of 12 MW Biomass Based Power Plant at Kaimur, Bhabhua. 52.00  40 12.01.11445 M/S Hitachi Refrigeration, Begusarai. Proposal for establishment of 48,000 Liters per year capacity Ice Cream unit at Industrial Area, Barauni, Begusarai in proprietorship. 0.6592  23 12.01.11446 M/S Krrish Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 08 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill at Industrial Area, Fatuha, Patna. 10.3269  50 12.01.11  447 M/S Casecade Power Ltd, Lakhisarai. Proposal for establishment of 1320 (2×660) MW coal based Thermal Power Plant at Lakhisarai District in Bihar. 8343.50  400 25.02.11  448 M/S Bettiah Industries Pvt. Ltd,  Kumarbagh, Bettiah. Proposal for establishment of 08 MT per hour capacity Modern Rice Mill and 1.2 MW Captive Power Plant at Kumarbagh Industrial Area, Chanpatiya, West Champaran. 21.2081  178 25.02.11449 M/S Lama Bear Organic Extract Ltd, Kaimur, Bhabhua Proposal for establishment of 55.33 MT per year capacity Spice Oils and Oleoresin unit at Mathura, Durgawati, Kaimur, Bhabhua. 16.1535  25 25.02.11450 M/S Deepak Vegpro Pvt. Ltd, Bhabhua. Proposal for establishment of  18,000 MT per year capacity Mustard Oil, 24,000 MT per year 18.02  116 25.02.11Report-3 58capacity RBD Palm Oil, 6000 MT per year capacity Soya Refined Oil unit at Durgawati, Kaimur, Bhabhura. 451 M/S The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd, Karnataka. Proposal for establishment of one Lakh MT per year capacity Duplex Board unit in first phase at Dalmia Nagar, Rohtas. 350.00  500 25.02.11452 M/S Era Infra Engineering Ltd,  New Delhi. Proposal for establishment of 2640(4×660) MW coal based Thermal Power Plant at Rajauli, Nawada and  1320(2×660) MW coal based Thermal Power Plant at Pirpainti, Bhagalpur. 14800.00 7374.00 700 350 25.02.11453 M/S SCI India Ltd, Bhagalpur. Proposal for establishment of grain based Alcohol Plant in place of Molasses based Distillery Plant and  Modernization of existing effluent  treatment Plant to get zero pollution in existing unit  and generation of 1.6 MW Power from industrial waste. 30.2316  25.02.11454 M/S Mahalaxmi Industries, Bettiah. Proposal for establishment of 3200 MT per year capacity Modern Rice Mill at Industrial Area, Bettiah in proprietorship. 0.3629  06 25.02.11455 M/S Winsome International Ltd, Samastipur  ( Unit of M/S Rameshwara Jute Mills)  Proposal for establishment of 35 MT per day capacity Jute Processing Unit, 40 MT per day capacity Corn Flakes manufacturing unit and establishment of Marketing Complex at Dharmpur, Samastipur. 160.00  155 25.02.11456 M/S Dalmia Power Ltd, New Delhi. Proposal for establishment of 1320(2×660) MW coal based Thermal Power Plant at Dona, Banka. 7960.00  1500 25.02.11457 M/S Sravanthi Infratech Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, Haryana. Proposal for establishment of 450 MW gas based Power Plant at Dehri-OnSone, Rohtas. 1620.00  90 25.02.11Report-3 59458 M/S Adhish Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Bettiah(West Champaran). Proposal for establishment of 20 rooms Hotel and Motel at Ujjain Tola, Bettiah, West Champaran. 1.7752  07 25.02.11459 M/S Ishwar Raj Beverages Pvt. Ltd, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 120 Lac Crates capacity Soft Drinks and Packaged Drinking Water unit at Jethuli, Fatuha, Patna. 15.2854  88 25.02.11460 M/S Patwari Steels Pvt. Ltd, Fathua, Patna. Proposal for establishment of 30,000 MT per year capacity Poultry Feed and Cattle Feed unit at Industrial Area, Fatuha, Patna. 6.1210  20 25.02.11461 M/S T I Cycles of India (M/S Tube Investments of India Ltd.), Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Proposal for establishment 20 Lac pieces per year capacity Cycle, Cycle Parts and Accessories manufacturing unit at E.P.I.P,  Hajipur.  45.10  500 25.02.11

  • shan kedia

    kindly provide us the details of how many maize processing plants are being setting up in bihar

    • Biharprabha Admin

      Helo Kedia
      we do not have any specific information maize based processing unit being set up in Bihar.However
      our this web site contains details of projects /processing units approved by State Investment Promotion Board.
      U may visit our site under Industry “Investment in Bihar”.

      Thanks for visiting our site


  • abhinav

    why u hav posted this link under “about darbhanga”,and not only this many other are also there which don’t hav relation with darbhanga.