Electricity Act, 2003- All Contents of Act

PART II National Electricity Policy and Plan
PART III Generation Of Electricity
PART IV Licensing
PART V Transmission Of Electricity
PART VI Distribution Of Electricity
PART – IX Central Electricity Authority
PART – X Regulatory Commissions
PART – XI Appellate Tribunal For Electricity
PART – XII Investigation And Enforcement
PART – XIII Reorganisation Of Board
PART – XIV Offences And Penalties
PART – XV Special Courts
PART XVI Dispute Resolution
PART XVII Other Provision
PART- XVIII Miscellaneous
The Schedule Enactments

  • The news of unbundling of BSEB is on air. Separation into different utilities will definitely improve financial situation but does electricity act 2003 includes to keep “service terms and conditions” intact. Will state government will aid private firms to recover the losses due to burden of employees salaries and pensions? Its very difficult to show profit in distribution. Transmission and Generation will do fine with profits. In that case is state govt. ready to cover the losses?

    • admin

      Yes. Things need to shape to improve power scenario in the state. sooner the better