Famous People of Bihar

List of people from Bihar

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This is a list of notable personalities from BiharIndia. This list is not based on the extent of their popularity.



[ ]Ancient

[ ]Nationalists and independence activists

Potrait of Kunwar Singh

Bihar Vibhuti Dr Anugrah Narayan Sinha

[ ]Writers and scholars

Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ National poet

[ ]National/ International Award Winners

[ ]Bharat Ratna

Dr. Rajendra Prasad 1st President of India

1st Chief Minister of Bihar Dr Sri Krishna Sinha(Right) with 1st Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Dr Anugrah Narayan Sinha (Left)

Bismillah Khan Indian shehnai maestro.

[ ]Padma Bhushan

[ ]Padma Shree

[ ]Jnanpith Award

[ ]Magasaysay Award

[ ]Dada Saheb Phalke Award

[ ]Holders of High Constitutional Offices

[ ]President

Anerood Jugnauth Current President of Mauritius

[ ]Prime Minister

Navinchandra Ramgoolam Current Prime Minister Of Mauritius

Shivsagar Ramgoolam Father of the Mauritius

[ ]Governor Of Other State

Nikhil Kumar Current Governor Of Nagaland‎

[ ]Governor Of Reserve Bank of India

[ ]Lieutenant Governor Of Other State

[ ]Speaker of Lok Sabha

[ ]Chief Justices

[ ]Chief Minister

#NameTook OfficeLeft OfficePolitical Party
1Sri Krishna Sinha[3]2 April 194631 January 1961Indian National Congress
2Deep Narayan Singh1 February 196118 February 1961Indian National Congress
3Binodanand Jha18 February 19612 October 1963Indian National Congress
4Krishana Ballabh Sahay2 October 19635 March 1967Indian National Congress
5Mahamaya Prasad Sinha5 March 196728 January 1968Jana Kranti Dal1
6Satish Prasad Singh28 January 19681 February 1968Indian National Congress
7B. P. Mandal1 February 19682 March 1968Indian National Congress
8Bhola Paswan Shashtri22 March 196829 June 1968Indian National Congress (O)
President’s rule29 June 196826 February 1969
9Harihar Singh26 February 196922 June 1969Indian National Congress
10Bhola Paswan Shashtri [2]22 June 19694 July 1969Indian National Congress (O)
President’s rule6 July 196916 February 1970
11Daroga Prasad Rai16 February. 197022 December 1970Indian National Congress
12Karpuri Thakur22 December 19702 June 1971Socialist Party
13Bhola Paswan Shashtri [3]2 June 19719 January 1972Indian National Congress
President’s rule9 January 197219 March 1972
14Kedar Pandey19 March 19722 July 1973Indian National Congress
15Abdul Gafoor2 July 197311 April 1975Indian National Congress
16Dr.Jagannath Mishra11 April 197530 April 1977Indian National Congress
President’s rule30 April 197724 June 1977
17Karpuri Thakur24 June 197721 April 1979Janata Party
18Ram Sunder Das21 April 197917 February 1980Janata Party
President’s rule17 February 19808 June 1980
19Dr.Jagannath Mishra [2]8 June 198014 August 1983Indian National Congress (I)
20Chandrashekhar Singh14 August 198312 March 1985Indian National Congress (I)
21Bindeshwari Dubey12 March 198513 February 1988Indian National Congress (I)
22Bhagwat Jha Azad14 February 198810 March 1989Indian National Congress (I)
23Satyendra Narayan Singh11 March 19896 December 1989Indian National Congress (I)
24Dr.Jagannath Mishra6 December 198910 March 1990Indian National Congress (I)
25Laloo Prasad Yadav10 March 19903 March 1995Janata Dal
26Laloo Prasad Yadav[2]4 April 199525 July 1997Janata DalRashtriya Janata Dal
27Rabri Devi25 July 199711 February 1999Rashtriya Janata Dal
28Rabri Devi [2]9 March 19992 March 2000Rashtriya Janata Dal
29Nitish Kumar3 March 200010 March 2000Janata Dal (United)
30Rabri Devi [3]11 March 20006 March 2005Rashtriya Janata Dal
President’s rule7 March 200524 November 2005
31Nitish Kumar [2]24 November 200524 November 2010Janata Dal (United)
32Nitish Kumar [3]26 November 2010PresentJanata Dal (United)

[ ]Deputy Chief Minister

#NameTook OfficeLeft OfficeParty
1Dr. Anugrah Narayan Sinha [3]2 April 19465 July 1957Indian National Congress
2Karpoori Thakur5 March 196731 January 1968Socialist Party
3Sushil Kumar Modi24 Nov 200524 Nov 2010Bharatiya Janata Party
4Sushil Kumar Modi26 Nov 2010PresentBharatiya Janata Party

[ ]Union Ministers

[ ]Spokesperson

Shahnawaz Hussain BJP National Spokesperson

[ ]Bollywood

[ ]Film Directors

Shekhar Suman Television superstar

[ ]Actors

Ashok Kumar Bollywood Dadamuni

Shatrughan Sinha Bollywood Shotgun

[ ]Actress

Sonakshi Sinha The New Sensation Of Bollywood

[ ]Comedians

[ ]Singers

Manoj Tiwari Bhojpuri Superstar

[ ]Music Directors

[ ]Television

[ ]Actors

Udit Narayan Ace Singer

[ ]Actress

[ ]Fashion Industries

[ ]Arts

Daler Mehndi Bhangra Pop Singer

[ ]Religion


Sita enduring the ordeal by fire,Mughal style painting, ca. 1600

[ ]Mathematics

Anand Kumar Founder Super 30

[ ]Politics

[ ]Sports

[ ]Bureaucracy

[ ]Indian Administrative Service

U. K. Sinha Present Chairman Of SEBI

[ ]Indian Police Service

[ ]Media

[ ]Chief executive officer(CEO)

[ ]Business

[ ]Others




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