Grid Connected Solar PV Projects with Pisci-culture in Bihar

Govt. of Bihar has decided to develop 150 MW of Solar Photovoltaic projects which will be set-up on the maun/chaur/pond where pisciculture is being undertaken. Bihar State Power (Holding) Company Limited (BSPHCL), a company engaged in planning, promoting and developing the power sector in the state of Bihar, has been designated by Energy Department, Govt. of Bihar for undertaking the bid process management for selection of the private developers.

The selected Solar Power developers shall enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)  with North Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited/South Bihar Power Distribution Company limited as intimated by BSPHCL. The term of PPA will be for a period of 25 years.

The minimum and maximum size of project which can be considered for evaluation and from which the solar power may be procured are as follows:

Minimum capacity of any individual Project – 2 MW

Maximum capacity of any individual Project – 10 MW

It is proposed to pioneer a movement towards adoption and promotion of establishment of Solar PV projects on the lands identified for the development of inland fresh water aquaculture including maun/ chaur/ ponds as a potential solution for the inclusive development of rural areas. Providing sustainable livelihood to the usually poor, backward and unorganized fisher communities through the development of Ponds/ Mauns in different districts and integrating it with the development of solar energy projects on such lands will not only reduce the burden on the fertile land for such projects, but shall also empower people at the grassroots level by sharing of benefits of the project between the project developer & the fisher community. There are inherent benefits from the coexistence of Solar PV projects with aquaculture as the project provides required shading from high temperature and helps to improve the productivity of fisheries and at the same time the required foot-print area for the solar power projects is made available to these projects.Despite abundant aquatic resources in terms of rivers, chaurs, floodplain wetlands, oxbow lakes or mauns, reservoirs, ponds and tanks, fish supply is short of demand in the State of Bihar. In order to enhance the fish production in the State, two of the resources i.e. Ponds and Mauns has been identified as the focus areas and various Central as well as State Sponsored schemes like development of inland fresh water aquaculture, maun/chaur development scheme etc are being implemented by the Animal & Fisheries Resources Department, Govt. of Bihar.