Infosys to Set Up Centre in Bihar

Information technology giant Infosys is likely to set up its first software development centre in Bihar and the state government is planning to provide it with land. Infosys officials is said to have approached the state government for land to set up its centre. The government is considering to provide land at Bihta near Patna.

  • Aviraj sinha

    Now its the time to grow, Nitish kumar has showed the way…and we as the people of bihar was in desprete need of It sector.this would help a lot for the young generation to work in their own home land.Afterall they have to travel Bangalore, Pune , Hyderabad for a IT job.Thanks Nitish ji for your initiative.Afterall after the Opening of Infosys at Patna diffrent IT companies would also try to get their place in the great soil of Bihar..Jai Bihar

    • Biharprabha Admin

      U are very right. We have all the faith in our CM and are looking forward.


  • shiwendra nath jha


    Once The IT leagend Imfosis comes maney Oppetunities for yong Genaration will open automatically.

    • Biharprabha Admin

      Jha Jee
      U r very right. We all r waiting for that.
      But the real problem is availability of power. Thats what is worrying us

  • Animesh

    It’s a juice of a great effort in the recent times by the government of Bihar. Credit directly goes to Nitish kumar. A man with potent vision. I am a software eng, working in pune and glad to know this initiative. It will be immense pleasure, when I will start working in and for Bihar!!

    • Biharprabha Admin


      we agree with u. Now things are changing but we too have to change to improve image of Bihar,


    • Biharprabha Admin

      Sorry for delay in answering u mail. We agree with u views
      Lets hope for better future.
      BiharPrabha Team

  • Nitesh

    Great Effort by Our CM !!!
    Many thanks to him for bringing back Bihar from morass.

    • Biharprabha Admin


      U r right. we are proud of called Bihari
      This site is too dedicated for the people of Bihar


    • Biharprabha Admin


      Yes we do agree with u

  • Bhupesh singh

    thanks Bihar prabha.Thankyou so much for providing a base to know how rapidly our Bihar is growing.

  • ravi kumar

    Dear Bhihari Brothers,

    The main issue we only hear rumors,its been long can i know were the land for infosys has been allotted.When it will start its construction.We need all is a gaint like TATA Motors or any manufacturing company.

  • nice information.

  • Someshwar

    this is the hight time for IT company to look for bihar. bihar will provide oppourtunity for cost cuting of their company as engineers from bihar are working in bangloge pune etc. they will be happily ready to work on 10% less wage in patna. it will benefit the company also and employees too . less travel time, less expenditure on travelling. it will help company also as less wages payment with efficient work force, less cost of land as compared to bangalore or pune. so it is win win situation for all .
    with regards