Jay Shree to set up ethanol unit, hike power capacity

The BK Birla Group company ventured into the sugar space a year back acquiring a Bihar-based sugar mill, MP Chini Industries, for Rs112.50 crore.

The acquisition came with a co-generation facility of 6 mw and own sugarcane plantation of around 1,000 acres.Jay Shree is raising power capacity to 22 mw involving a capital outlay of about Rs.95 crore.

For power  they have already engaged some consultants, who are now working on it. The investment as a thumb rule would be Rs5-6 crore per megawatt. They would  also be exploring  about the coal linkages. It is ;earnt that when we took over, the previous owner made 2.7 crore kg of sugar, which this year has  increased to 3.83 crore kg and  next season cstarting November they expect to go up to 5 crore kg.. After a minimum level of production they would venture inti ethanol production.


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