Kanwar Lake and Bird Sanctuary in Begusarai, Bihar

The Kanwar Lake, located in Begusarai district of Bihar, is Asia’s largest freshwater oxbow lake. It is one of the three national parks in Bihar.

Kanwar Lake National Park and Bird Sanctuary

Kanwar Lake National Park and Bird Sanctuary

Also designated as a Bird Sanctuary, it is approximately three times the size of the famous Bharatpur Sanctuary in Rajasthan.

World renowned ornithologist Salim Ali, once mentioned about 60 migratory birds that come all the way from Central Asia to Kanwar Lake in winter and recorded around 106 species of resident birds in the lake.

Geographically, the lake lies between Budhi Gandak, Old Bagmati and Kare rivers.

A very important landmark or historical as well as religious importance exists on an island, Jaimanglagadh, on the southeast corner of the lake.

Kabar lake was declared a protected zone in 1986 under section 37 of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and subsequently as a bird sanctuary in 1986. Kabar tal wetland has also been identified as an important bird area (IBA).

Despite all these, the lake remains neglected and has gradually reduced in size. Industrial Effluents, Garbage pose major challenges before this lake. In last few years, several bird species like Darter Anhinga (melanogaster), Painted Stork (Mycteria leucocephala), Black-bellied Tern (Sterna acuticauda) have come to near extinction in the lake.