Ministry of New & Renewable Energy to set up 1000MW solar Plant at 4 sites

At the opening day of the 7th RE EXPO  in New Delhi on 12th September 2013 Tarun Kapoor, Joint Secretary, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) has said that  MNRE has planned to set up huge Ultra Mega Power Projects(UMPP) in Solar with more than 1000 MW of solar plant in one location. He said that discussions are underway to set up 3 to 4 such Solar UMPPs.

Mr Kapoor, Joint Secretary acknowledged the importance of the issue and said that there is a need to have a Feed-in-Tariff regime  like in Wind wherein developers don’t have to wait for allocation but can start project development anytime during the year.On the topic of PV Manufacturing,  he said that domestic  module manufacturing is picking up, with good orders from overseas, but cell manufacturing is still in distress. The Indian Rupee depreciation cannot be of great advantage, because input costs(mainly imports) have also increased.

Almost all the CEOs of the top solar project developers  in India cited lack of Visibility of Projects” –as the biggest challenge faced by the sector.