New land acquisition policy for industries in Bihar

New Land Acquisition Policy in Bihar

Bihar government has decided to work as a facilitator between potential investors and land owners to prevent unnecessary dispute and collision over the issue of acquisition of land for setting up industries.

Given the controversies surrounding land acquisition in different parts of the country and resistance of landowners , the state Govt of Bihar has become cautious in its bid to acquire land even for public good including industries.

The government has adopted a new model for the acquisition of land for industry and other ventures of public good, where it would act merely as a link between investors and landowners. Besides, the government has also been creating its own land bank.

The new policy, called ‘Aao Bihar (Come to Bihar)‘, is aimed at giving investors a sense of certainty that land would be available for them in Bihar. “The government will not directly acquire land. Instead, the government would work as a link between investors and landowners. The new method envisages creating a pool of landowners, with each owning more than two acres of land, who are willing to sell their land for public good at their own desired rate.

Under this policy, farmers, either individually or in group, willing to sell their individual or collective chunk of land would have to submit the details to the DM concerned, who, in turn, would check the legal papers to ascertain that they are not disputed. The DM, then, would forward the verified details of the chunk of land to Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority (BIADA), which would put the details on its website showing the price quoted by the farmers concerned. “The investors would have a reference pool of chunks of land to acquire them for their ventures, The new method of land acquisition had worked wonders in buying of land for thermal power plant in private sector in Banka district, where 700 acres of land had been acquired.