NTPC Planning to blend up to 30% imported coal at Kahalgaon & Farakka which will further increase cost per unit by 30%

NTPC is planning to blend up to 30 % imported coal against current use of 10-15 %  at kahalgaon and Farakka which may further increase the cost of power supply to BSEB by 30 % per unit.

Blending of imported coal would be possible in coming summer as at that time there would be acute shortage of power. Blending of imported  with domestic coal would be possible and commercially viable as  in summer there would not any problem of  byre. even for expensive power.

NTPC current per unit cost of generation from thermal Power plant comes  around Rs. 2.50 to 3.00. These two projects are facing critical coal shortage due to transportation problem from Rajmahal coal field in Jharkhand alloted for these mines.