Power Ministry plans addition of 76000Mw in 12th plan

The  Power Ministry has submitted  proposal for addition of 76,000 MW of power capacity in the 12th five-year plan to the planning commission.

The power ministry has set a target for adding 76,000 MW of electricity capacity in the 12th Plan (2012-17) and 93,000 MW in the 13th Five-Year Plan (2017-2022). The ministry is understood to have sent the recommendation to the Plan panel.

“We have finalised 76,000 MW capacity addition for the 12th plan and 93,000 MW for the 13th plan… Now the planning commission has to approve it,” a power ministry official was quoted as saying.

Planning commission member B K Chaturvedi had earlier said the planning commission may fix a target for about 1,00,000 MW of capacity addition in the power sector.

During this period, an investment of about Rs 6 lakh crore is expected in power generation projects.

The government had earlier set a goal for adding 78,577 MW of electricity capacity during the 11th five-year plan, which was scaled down to 62,000 MW by the planning commission in its mid-term review, citing environmental and land acquisition hurdles