REC Implementation Mechanism

REC Regulations/Orders
(a) CERC REC Regulation
(b) Statement Of Reason
(c) Designation of Central Agency
(d) REC Fees and Charges Order
(e) Forbearnace and Floor Price for REC
(f) CERC REC Regulation-Amendment-I
(g) Statement Of Reason-Amendment-I
(h) Order on IEX Bye-laws
3 Procedure for REC Implementation
(a) Approved Procedure for REC Implementation (First Amendment)
(b) Approved Procedure for REC Implementation (Second Amendment)(18.04.2011)
4 Model Regulations/Procedures
(a) FOR Model Regulation for SERC
(b) Model Guidelines/Procedures for accreditation for RE Project
5 Presentations made in CERC Workshop on REC
(a) Presentation by Secertary,CERC
(b) REC implementation procedures.. presentation by NLDC
(c) Software_Web Application for REC Framework… Crisil
6 MNRE Report on REC Mechanism
7 Renewable Purchase Obligations and its compliance(RPO Regulations) by SERCs
(a) Assam
(b) Bihar