Valmiki National Park- The pride forest of Bihar

Valmiki National Park is located in the West Champaran district. The extensive forest area of Valmikinagar was owned by the Bettiah Raj and Ramanagar Raj until early 1950s.It serves as one of several tiger reserves in India, possessing the only population of the species in Bihar. Valmiki has about 10 tigers as per the latest available figures by the government using the robust capture-recapture methodology. The Wildlife Trust of India is currently doing camera trapping using the capture-recapture methodology in the area. Other notable species in the area include the civet and the wild dog.

The Valmiki National Park made its innocuous presence felt in the early 1990s and since then has procured an apt abode to the flamboyant and majestic creatures regarded as the tigers. In fact, the Valmiki National Park vanquishes the fourth spot in the standings of the reserves that houses maximum number of tigers.

The placid waters of the rivulet called Gandak and the magniloquent apex of Mount Annapurna on the western fringe presents a serene and timid ambiance to the Valmiki National Park at Bihar where the king of the beasts can stomp around on the lush grasses with pride and elation.

The flora of the Bihar’s Valmiki National Park is truly spectacular and deserves a round of applause. Sal, reed beads, cane and moist grasslands constitute majority of the trees in the woodlands of the Valmiki National Park of Bihar.

The chief attractions at the Valmiki National Park in Bihar are mentioned below:-

Tiger Sloth Bear Wolf Deer Serow Leopard Python Peafowl Cheetal Sambar Nilgai Leopard Hyenas Indian Civet Jungle Cat Hog Wild Dog Single-Horned Rhinoceros Indian Bison

The Valmiki National Park attracts a hefty lot of visitors who desire to witness the tiger in all its glory.